Jungkook (์ •๊ตญ) of BTS ft. Fahad Al Kubaisi – Dreamers

[FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack]

with addition of Fahad’s part which not included in the streaming services. his part is nice, too bad it wasn’t included. check out the music video for the full version of the song ๐Ÿ™‚


ุงู„ุฃ ู‡ูˆ ู„ุง ุฏุงู† / ala ho la dan
ุงู„ุฃ ู‡ูˆ ู„ุง ุฏุงู† / ala ho la dan
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HYNN (๋ฐ•ํ˜œ์›) ft. Gwangil Jo (์กฐ๊ด‘์ผ) – ์ด๋ณ„์ด๋ž€ ์–ด๋Š ๋ณ„์— (Orpheus)

HYNN 1st Album ‘First of all’
Lyricists: 9 (9 and the Numbers), Gwangil Jo | Composers: Jisoo Park (153/Joombas), Gwangil Jo | Arrangers: Jisoo Park (153/Joombas), Kim Jin Hwan


hancham alhgo nan dwien
modeun ge natseolgeman boyeo
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JUNNY (์ฃผ๋‹ˆ) – Feel My Heart [Behind Every Star OST Part 3]

[์—ฐ์˜ˆ์ธ ๋งค๋‹ˆ์ €๋กœ ์‚ด์•„๋‚จ๊ธฐ OST Part 3]
์ž‘์‚ฌ: ์ด์ค€ํ™” | ์ž‘๊ณก: ๊ฐœ๋ฏธ, ์ด์ค€ํ™” | ํŽธ๊ณก: ์ด์ค€ํ™”
Lyricist: Lee Jun Wha | Composers: Gaemi, Lee Jun Wha | Arranger: Lee Jun Wha

I donโ€™t wanna lose
And thereโ€™s nothing to fear
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Onestar (์ž„ํ•œ๋ณ„) – ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•˜๋ฉด ์•ˆ ๋˜๋Š” ์‚ฌ๋žŒ (Love Alone) [Curtain Call OST Part 6]

[์ปคํŠผ์ฝœ OST Part 6]
์ž‘์‚ฌ: ๊ฐ€๋“ค | ์ž‘๊ณก: ๋น…๊ฐ€์ด๋กœ๋นˆ | ํŽธ๊ณก: ์ตœ์ƒ์–ธ, ๊น€ํ™์ค€
Lyricist: Gadeul | Composer: bigguyrobin | Arrangers: Choi Sang Eon, Kim Hong Joon


saranghaeseoneun an doeneun ge isseo
gajiryeo haedo an doeneun geol
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