M&D (미아리&단계동) – 1st Mini Album ‘Cottage Industry’ [Full Album/Tracklist/Lyrics]


TRAX‘s Jungmo and Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s unit group, M&D, will be releasing their first mini album  and will be making their comeback on April 20. The Korean title for the album literally translates to ‘Handiwork Done at Home’ or ‘Cottage Industry’. Their title track  is titled ‘I Wish’.

M&D stands for ‘Midnight & Dawn’, and also their places of birth, ‘Miari & Dankye-dong’. They debuted the unit with the concept that they will show a different type of music in 2011 with their digital single ‘Close Ur Mouth’.

This album is the first one they will be promoting since their single in 2011, and as their album name suggests, the duo not only composed and wrote lyrics for every song, but also designed the album jackets and directed the music video.

“’I Wish’ has a big band sound that is reminiscent of swing music. Heechul wrote the lyrics himself. The lyrics talk about being free spirit in his younger days and wanting to true love now. Jungmo composed and arranged the song himself as well.”

[MV Teaser] I Wish

[Highlight Medley]

[Official MV] I Wish

[Official MV] Close Ur Mouth (뭘봐)  Single released in June 2011

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No. Song Title Artist
1. M&D
M&D (Midnight & Dawn)
2. 하고 싶어
(I Wish)
M&D (Midnight & Dawn)
3. 달수정
(Moon Crystal)
M&D (Midnight & Dawn)
4. 실루엣
M&D (Midnight & Dawn)
5. 魂 (Soul) M&D (Midnight & Dawn)
6. 뭘봐 (Close Ur Mouth) M&D (Midnight & Dawn)

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