THE UNIT (더 유닛) – ep27 & 28 Sleepless Review

The Uni+ has been running about 6 months now and I have been an avid follower ever since KBS first promote the show. But I never write a long post or express my true feeling here or anywhere else apart from comment section in Youtube and in certain website. So for the love of the program, I thought I would share my 2 cents, my point of view for the remaining two episodes. 🙂

On 3rd Feb 2018, episode 14 (ep27-28) started with ranking announcement. Did I mention before that this program is unpredictable? Every announcement is nerve-wrecking cos the result change every week!

Yang Ji Won received Super Boot in her Boot audition and was placed first a few times. At one point her ranking dropped and now she’s 8th… Lee Soo Ji whom at 10 in previous announcement, placed 5th this time. She doesn’t received any additional votes though. Dan-a jumps from 30th to 13!

THE UNI+ is a reversal drama” – Euijin (BIFGLO)

There are more surprise like Yoonjo off the ranking but I want to highlight Semmi’s performance! She was in lower ranking, she thought she will be eliminated so she gave her all in the third mission to help her teammate excel so there will be no regrets — she miraculously survived the elimination! Thanks to the opportunity, we can see her talent in Self-Producing mission, how proactive she was with “Who’s Your Mama”‘s performance. She got the recognition and jumps from 42nd to 9th freakin’ place in 2nd announcement ranking. That was amazing. Now she is ranked 2nd after Euijin. Congrats Semmi!

Here’s the full ranking for Unit G!

Third Ranking Announcement 03.02.2018
1. Euijin (Sonamoo)
2. Semmi (Matilda)
3. Yebin (DIA)
4. NC.A
5. Lee Suji
6. Jiwon (Good Day)
7. Euna Kim
8. Yang Ji Won
9. Woo Hee (Dal Shabet)
10. Lee Hyun Joo
11. ZN (Laboum)
12. Yoonjo
13. Dan-A (Matilda)
14. Somyi (DIA)
15. Yeo Eun (Melody Day)
16. Shin Ji Hoon
17. Cha Hee (Melody Day)
18. Lee Bo Rim

Honestly for me Unit G is less competitive compared to Unit B. So I don’t have many favorites and fortunately the one I choose manage to be in the Top 18. Compared to the previous elimination process, this time who doesn’t get into Top 18 automatically out of the race. Writing about the process, I want to highlight here that one of the reason why I appreciate The Uni+ so much is the elimination process. In Produce 101, the process almost take the whole episode. It was repetitive and they use up a lot of time for that while in The Uni+, they just go straight to the point! and instead of spent so much time at the ranking announcement set, (previously) they gave the members the chance to say goodbye to fellow teammate personally — in group. They can share their feeling on personal level and it is way more meaningful and special. I remember Jenny cried a bunch and I cried too. ㅠㅠ This time as not many participants left, on set would do! The girls did so well though.. They should be proud with themselves. A little unfortunate at the end but I hope there will be no regrets on their part 🙂

Queen Euijin for thumbnail! ^^ So the girls went to radio to promote their songs! and see for yourself how awesome NCA is. Her vocal is amazing. Imagine if you can’t sing very well and you got the first place — you have to sing on radio. Would have been sooooo awkward. hahaha

Let’s move to Unit B!! Mah boyssssss

Since I refuse to upload video or share non-KBS youtube link, I can only rely on what ever they upload. It’ll be limited but I’m still grateful for that, KBS. No worries. For the boys unit, we start with my baby Hansol!

Awww my baby boo re-entering the list at 6th place. Chukhahae! *clap clap*

I like how the boys guessing that Rain will call Hansol’s name and he was like “nooooo it’s not me. what’s wrong with you guys,” and he’s in 6th place!


Give us aegyo please!” they know Hansol is expressionless yet they still ask for impossible hahaha The fact that he doesn’t know how to act cute is cute lol ❤

Hojung and Timo — can they be more selfish than they are now? Haha don’t get me wrong. They ignite the war themselves. :p Hojung wanted to beat Timo at least once in anything and he finally get the result he wanted. lol… Like Rain said, the others would be “unnie you have to stay,” “guys you have to hold on till the end and continue to let our group known,” but Hotshot boys? They want to beat each other. No I must say Hojung wants to beat Timo so bad. notty kid.

Once again both mah men, Euijin and Jun competing for first place. Last week Euijin surprisingly snatched the number one spot but this time Jun regains his crown. Congratulations both of you. I love you guys I don’t mind whoever get that spot as long as you both belongs in top 9 🙂

Here’s the full ranking for Unit B!

Third Ranking Announcement 03.02.2018
1. Jun (UKISS)
2. Euijin (BIGFLO)
3. Hojung (Hotshot)
4. Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
5. Kim Timoteo (Hotshot)
6. Ji Han Sol
7. Donghyun (Boyfriend)
8. Seyong (Myname)
9. Daewon (Madtown)
10. Kijoong (I.M)
11. Je Up (IMFACT)
12. Rockhyun (100%)
13. Han Gyul (I.M)
14. Dongmyung (MAS)
15. Chan (A.C.E)
16. Marco (H.B.Y)
17. Lee Geon (Madtown)
18. Suwoong (Boys Republic)

Okay so I have a lot to say for Unit B’s elimination.. as a lady I am naturally attracted to my opposite gender so I am more fond with the boys — fangirling over them, crying with them, rooting for them and adoring their talent and personality.. Elimination is hurt. It hurts to see my fav boys got eliminated. Not just for this round.. The first elimination was legendary. Ocean of tears with box of tissue. Although its hard, this time I am ready to bid goodbye for the remaining 14 participants. I can sense who’s gonna left considering their ranking and that this is the final elimination. No more second chance..! I only have one wrong prediction. I thought Kanto will be picked! He is the best rapper, what does Unit Maker wants from him to prove that he deserve to be in the final…

My visual Jungha (Beatwin) get enough spotlight in earlier episodes but he wasn’t so proactive to let himself known. Only during Self-Producing mission he received many attention from camera and mentors alike whose praising his visual. I’m so happy for that. I mean it. ㅠㅠ I remember in early stage, his self-esteem kinda low since he got only 1 boot. Now everyone knows when talking about visual, it’ll be Jungha! I hope he’s not stopping and keep striving for the best in his singing career 🙂

My other Jungha, the squishy Lee Jungha fails to moving up too but it’s okay. I know if he was placed 18th, he’ll blame himself more. This boy may be lacking here and there but I believe he has bright future ahead. Jun-Q, Raehwan, B.Joo, Rayoon, Jun (ACE), Kiseok, Ungjae, Taeho, Heedo, Sungjun, Im Junhyuk… Oh I remember their names ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

They’ve worked hard. Don’t stop now boys and girls! Looking forward for your bright future. Keep shining ❤

Before the elimination takes place, unlike the girls team, the guys went to Gag Concert to promote their songs. ^^ Rokhyun be like “you should choose our song (Mine) cos people only remember ours and our dance” lmao 😀

As soon as the elimination process ended, they announce the final 4 newly-produced songs in which every Unit will be separated into 2 teams. Unit G’s songs are ‘Ting’ and ‘You & I’. The songs are definitely not strong. It’s kinda cute, bubbly, like any other cute kpop girl groups out there. While Unit B’s songs are strong, powerful suits the boys image. ‘Dancing with the Devil’ and ‘끌어줘’ (Drag Me? Pull Me? unsure on the english title). So! When I first heard the snippets, I am more attracted to You & I and 끌어줘. 🙂

How to select the song? The boys and girls have to choose their desired song along with top 3 members they want to partner with. The results were announced a few days after. I’m going to focus only on Unit B this time. ehe 🙂 They don’t know who will be their teammate, and what song they will get. Nervous much haha the process is enjoyable! Unit B were separated by team Blue and Black. They received a card with the name, which determine their group.


After halfway, it’s Lee Geon’s turn. Look at how excited they are were when Geonie enter the door. Team Black is super extra! Feeldog even throws out Geoni’s shoes lmao I read a reply on youtube saying dancer throws shoes as a sign of celebration. Is this true?

Jun belongs to team Blue, and now we have Seyong and Euijin left. Kijung keep saying he doesn’t want to team up with Seyong hahaha “hyung must be upset if he sees this,” it’s too late Kijung-aaa you’ve already said that. 😀 On the other hand, Euijin has a lot of fans among the members! Look at how pure their reaction when Euijin entered the door. Yeay Euijin with team Black, their wish came true! ❤ I love seeing how Euijin is actually LOVED. I’ve notice him since the boot audition — Taemin said he’s naturally-talented dancer. He never treat his members as rival, kind-hearted.. who doesn’t love Euijin!?

Team Blue were all black and the atmosphere is just like their coat/jacket’s color lol until a loud boy enter the room. Jun obviously didn’t get the memo 😀

TEAM BLUE : Han Gyul, Je Up, Donghyun, Kim Timoteo, Jun (UKISS), Seyong, Ji Han Sol, Rockhyun, Suwoong
TEAM BLACK : Marco, Chan, Kijung, Daewon, Euijin, Feeldog, Lee Geon, Dongmyung, Go Ho Jung

It’s time for song announcement and du du dungggg team Blue got ‘Dancing with the Devil’ while team Black is ‘끌어줘’!


Donghyun (responded to their song) be like “we have a ‘devil’ here too (referring to Seyong)” HAHAHA Seyong was like “firstly, I don’t like the title” and Jun added “if that so, we can change it to ‘Dancing with Seyong’ (since he’s the ‘devil’ lmao)”

Team Black? See for yourself how crazy they are when they got the song they wanted. Someone please collect them. XD

I think I will stop here. I’m not going to write more on their practice session. Orrr… Maybe I should share one thing. It’s Dongmyung. Ahhh I am sooo proud with this kid. Look at how he shyly showcase his dance routine. He improves so much! I honestly thought he couldn’t make it to the end but he survived! Love it when the others care for him, accommodate him.. thank you guys. 🙂

I’m in love with Team Black. They are the energy bunny! I was hoping Jun will be in this team too but it’s not the case. ㅠㅠ Although I love both Jun and Hansol, and want to root for them with all my heart, Team Black is just too extra too ignore. They are pulling me into their wildness. Such dilemma when your fav are scattered in two different groups. Sigh…

The program is entering its final stage next week. Time flies… ㅠㅠ Final episode will be broadcasted on February 10th at 9:45pm kst. I’m quite worry cos the date will be during Olympic. If not because of the delay for certain episodes, it wouldn’t have to clash with that important event. I hope Korean will still tune in KBS2 on that very day. This program deserves more than just 2% in the rating. I hope Olympic will not make it worse. Jebal.

By the way, KBS tweeted this where it looks like a series of dates. Looking forward for what they have in store. What is this?!

Before I end this freaking long post, here’s the teasers for the upcoming songs :

UNIT B Team Black ‘끌어줘’, UNIT G Team White ‘Ting’, UNIT B Team Blue ‘Dancing with the Devil’, UNIT G Team Red ‘You & I’.

The final 36 participants. I can’t believe it’s going to end. I’m not ready to bid goodbye to these people.

Good luck everyone!!

the sleepless lady


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