CHAI (이수정) – Bloom [Lyrics]

작사: 이수정, Gu Is 9 | 작곡: 이수정, 지넥스 | 편곡: 지넥스
Lyricists: CHAI, Gu Is 9 | Composers: CHAI, JINex | Arranger: JINex


dabdabhan neukkimeul moreun cheok haebwado
jakku pungseoncheoreom bupureoollaga
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CHAI (이수정) – Time’s Up [Lyrics]

“This song embodies the anticipation and yearning that comes from waiting for someone. But with no form of closure, this song portrays one of the many ways a relationship can end.” – chai

Lyricist: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung) | Composers: CHAI (Lee Soo Jung), Paulkyte | Arranger: Paulkyte

Hold me close and don’t let go
Keep me wanting more and more
Did you know that you’re all I got
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