Lim Kim (김예림) – The Moment [Reflection of You OST Part 2]

[너를 닮은 사람 OST Part 2]
작사: 남혜승, 자넷서 | 작곡/편곡: 남혜승, 박상희
Lyricists: Nam Hye Seung, Janet Suhh | Composers/Arrangers: Nam Hye Seung, Park Sang Hee

When you’re feeling down so low
Memories they fill in place
How did it came along
Why would I run away Continue reading “Lim Kim (김예림) – The Moment [Reflection of You OST Part 2]”

Eric Nam (에릭남) – I Don’t Know You Anymore [Lyrics]

Lyricists: Eric Nam, Danny Silberstein, Grant Averill | Composers: Eric Nam, Jason Yik Nam Wu, Danny Silberstein, Grant Averill | Arrangers: Rabitt, Danny Silberstein

Keep your apologies they don’t mean nothing to me
I’m done with pretending like I don’t got somewhere to be
You wanted the moon and the stars and the whole galaxy Continue reading “Eric Nam (에릭남) – I Don’t Know You Anymore [Lyrics]”