Richard Parkers (리차드파커스) – Waterfall [Justice OST Part 1]

[저스티스 OST Part 1]
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작사: 이로, 아케이드 | 작곡: 이로, 아케이드, 테트리송 | 편곡: 테트리송
Lyricists: Iro, Arcade | Composers: Iro, Arcade, Tetri Song | Arranger: Tetri Song

Paint my scar face
If I have to be closer
to you to you

Tears keep falling
I can’t be honest to you
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Samuel Seo (서사무엘) – Pain Or Death [Doctor John OST Part 4]

[의사 요한 OST Part 4]
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작사: 문성남 (에브리싱글데이) | 작곡/편곡: 문성남 (에브리싱글데이), 심지, Gravity
Lyricist: Moon Seong Nam (Every Single Day) | Composers/Arrangers: Moon Seong Nam (Every Single Day), SIMZEE, Gravity

You were going through your life
There was time to play
But the light in your eyes
did it start to fade
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PENIEL (프니엘) – FLY23 [Lyrics]




“I decided to rap over a future bass track this time! I worked on “FLY23” with Kairos Music Group in hopes to bring some excitement to your summer. The song is about seeing a girl while on stage and completely falling for her. I hope that “FLY23” will keep you cool for the summer!” – Peniel

[Digital Single]
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Lyricists: Kairos, PENIEL | Composer: Kairos | Arrangers: Kairos, K.O

You fly like you rocking 23 uh
Looking up at me uh
Never thought I’d see her
That night I played my gig uh
I was thinking you could stay
Wait a bit after my stage
I’m just hoping we can talk some more girl before you jet Continue reading “PENIEL (프니엘) – FLY23 [Lyrics]”

Christopher – Moments [At Eighteen OST Part 1]

[열여덟의 순간 OST Part 1]
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작사: 하근영, 이수연, 크리스토퍼 | 작곡: 하근영, 변동욱 | 편곡: 변동욱
Lyricists: Ha Geun Young, Lee Soo Yeon, Christopher | Composers: Ha Geun Young, Byeon Dong Wook | Arranger: Byeon Dong Wook

Please don’t say a word
Cuz they all have been said now
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