Minzy (공민지) – 기깔나 (Fantabulous) Lyrics

Lyricists: Gong Min Young, Gong Minzy | Composers: Francesca Richard, Shark, A Wright, Jedi | Arrangers: Shark, A Wright


hanteogeun naega ssolkeoya
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Minzy (공민지) – LOVELY [Lyrics]

“The digital single is an upbeat acoustic pop genre that allows you to feel the vocals and emotions of Minzy, which are different from before. She wanted to communicate with fans for the first time in a long time, and she participated in writing the lyrics not only for herself but also by sending messages to fans.

There is a message that helps each other through hard times during the long hiatus. Her sweet and powerful voice gives a flower-like healing to those who were tired and frustrated.”

[2nd Digital Single]
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Lyricists: Gong Minzy | Composers: Melanie Fontana, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, T.A Shark, A Wright | Arrangers: T.A Shark, A Wright, Lim Seong Cheol, Jedi


dowajwo jabajwo chagaun bam deophil ttae
maeil nan utjiman utneun ge anin geoya
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Minzy (공민지) – ALL OF YOU SAY [Lyrics]

[MV Teaser]

[Official MV]

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작사 (Lyricists): Jeremy Crooks, Ashley Choi | 작곡 (Composer): Devan “D1” Hooker | 편곡 (Arranger): Jeremy Crooks

Hold it don’t chase the door
We should all walk in
and slay the floor
We’ve been all servin’
looks and the word is out
Thinkin’ their time’s up
so move it already
We can do it already yeah

I feel it when I put it in motion
Breakin’ my back to yesterday
Hold it when I bring it down low
I’m off the rose
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Minzy (공민지) – 걸어가 (Walking) [Lyrics]

[Investigation Couple/Partners For Justice OST – Part 3]
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작사: 태윤미 | 작곡: 개미, 김세진 | 편곡: 한밤
Lyricist: Tae Yoon Mi | Composers: Gaemi, Kim Se Jin | Arranger: One Night


haru kkeuteul seoseongineun
nae moseub chorahan geolkka
manheun saramdeul sogeseo
naman hollo jichyeo geodgo isseul ttaemyeon
du nuneul kkok gamgo naege jumuneul georeo

jichin haruga tto gago
godoen haruga jinado
gamanhi nuneul gamgo eodun bameul jinamyeon
kkumkkudeon keunaldeuri naegero ol geoya

mugeowojin eokkae wiro
bulkge muldeun no.eul naeryeo anjeumyeon
gwaenchanheul geot gata jamsi useul geot gata Continue reading “Minzy (공민지) – 걸어가 (Walking) [Lyrics]”