KATIE (케이티) – Our Time [Lyrics]

KATIE [EP] ‘Our Time is Blue’
Lyricist: Nikki Flores | Composers: Nikki Flores, Ajay Bhattacharyya | Arranger: Stint

I’m up late inside this hotel room
Not really much to do
So that’s when you creep into my
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NCT 2020 – RESONANCE [Lyrics]

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“RESONANCE is the final song for NCT second full album. All 23 members participate in the single which combines ‘Make a Wish (Birthday Song)’, ’90’s Love’, ‘Work It’, and ‘Raise the Roof’ from their second full album into one song.”

[NCT 2nd Album ‘NCT 2020 Resonance’ Final Single]
Lyricists: Kenzie, PENOMECO, DAMIAN, Jakob Dorof | Composers: Kenzie, Sonny J Mason, Bobii Lewis, Karen Poole, Jeremy “Tay” Jasper, Adrian Mckinnon, Maurice Moore, Jia Lih, Jayden Henry, Jordain Johnson, Timothy ‘Bos’ Bullock, Hautboi Rich, Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, Wilbart ‘Vedo’ McCoy III | Arrangers: Kenzie, Sonny J Mason


Ay yo listen up
No matter what they say
No matter what they do
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