SURAN (수란) – Relax Moment [Lyrics]

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Lyricist: SURAN | Composers: SURAN, plnt | Arrangers: plnt, Last Nite


momi nareunhaejyeo
pyeonanhan neo.egero pungdeong ppajyeo
oneul bameun neowa mannal su isseulkka
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YESUNG (예성), SURAN (수란) – 봄은 너니까 (Still Standing) Lyrics

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“this song is a duet song of the melodramatic acoustic pop genre that talks about ‘yearning’ which is always in place even though spring is back, and it unravels memories that do not melt in warm winds and bright sunlight through the deep voices of Yesung and Suran.”

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Lyricist: Min Yeon Jae | Composers: Bram Inscore, Andrew Michael Briol, Chelcee Grimes | Arranger: Bram Inscore


mak jameseo kkaen kkotipdeul
biga ogo gaen haneul
neowa geodgon haetdeon bombaram
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SURAN (수란) – 두사람 (Two People) [Find Me In Your Memory OST Part 4]

[그 남자의 기억법 OST Part 4]
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작사/작곡: 윤영준 | 편곡: 최한솔, 키스 미 조이
Lyricist/Composer: Yoon Young Joon | Arrangers: Choi Han Sol, Kiss Me Joy


jichin haruga gago
dalbit arae du saram
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