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B.A.P who screamed wanderings and friendships of youth in their fourth mini album ‘MATRIX’ with the title song ‘Young, Wild&Free’ last November is back as soft ‘Milk boy’.

Like the album title that means ‘festival’, the fifth mini album ‘CARNIVAL’ is full of tracks that make the listener’s heart tremble. The intro song ‘Today’ reminds us of a movie opening BGM. The song ‘Carnival’ compares the earth to a globe and tells us to lets travel somewhere. The title song ‘Feel So Good’ has a funky guitar rhythm where it shows a fluttering heart towards another person. The song ‘Go’ has a very bright whistle sound in the introduction part, and ‘Albatross’ has its base on British Pop. The serenade for a lover, ‘My Girl’ is also included in the album. – 1thek

[B.A.P 5th Mini Album ‘CARNIVAL‘]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Today B.A.P
2. Carnival B.A.P
3. Feel So Good B.A.P
4. GO B.A.P
5. Albatross B.A.P
6. My Girl B.A.P

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