FT Island – 10th Anniversary Album ‘Over 10 Years’ [Full Tracklist]

[FT ISLAND 10th Anniversary]

[MV Teaser] Love Sick

[Sometime Promotional Video]

[Official MV] – Love Sick


[Wind Teaser #1] Breath of Island

[Sounds of Island Highlight Medley]


[Wind Teaser #2] Wind Prelude


[Mirror Talk – To Me For The Past 10 Years…]

[Mirror Talk – To Primadonna Who’ve Supported Me…]

[Message to Primadonna]

[Official MV]

“We never settled and always strived to make changes. We weren’t afraid of these changes which is why we were able to make it this far.” – FT Island

Congratulations FT Island! 10 memorable years with you was awesome. For more to come ❤

FTISLAND debuted in 2007 with ‘Love Sick’ which hit No.1 on music programs just 55 days after their debut. The track also recorded No.1 for 8 weeks on weekly digital charts and led the band to win ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards.

After 10 years on June 7th 2017, FTISLAND have released their 10th year anniversary album ‘OVER 10 YEARS’. The album focuses on FTISLAND’s past 10 years as well as the future to come.

FTISLAND received recognition and popularity upon debut, however they strived to challenge themselves over the past 10 years which helped to develop them as a band with their own color.

FTISLAND demonstrates their connection to a wide range of music throughout this album with 12 self-composed tracks of different genres from emotional rock ballads, dynamic hard rock to funky rock. The recreated ‘Love Sick (With Kim Na Young)’ has also been included as a special track, enticing the ears of many fans. – FNC

FT Island 10th Anniversary Album ‘Over 10 Years’
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 원해
What U Want
2. Wind FT아일랜드
3. Travel FT아일랜드
4. Champagne FT아일랜드
5. The Night FT아일랜드
6. 너를 그린다
Imagine You
7. Save Me FT아일랜드
8. Still With You FT아일랜드
9. Voice FT아일랜드
10. Parade FT아일랜드
11. No Better Days FT아일랜드
12. 나무
The Wood
13. 사랑앓이
Love Sick
FT아일랜드 with 김나영
FTISLAND with Kim Na Young

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