B1A4 – 4th Album ‘Origine’ [Full Tracklist/Lyrics]

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[B1A4 4th Album ‘Origine’]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. Intro – Origine B1A4
2. 영화처럼 (Like a Movie) B1A4
3. 오렌지색 하늘은 무슨 맛일까? (what is LovE?) B1A4
5. 무중력 (Zero Gravity) (CNU Solo) B1A4  ft. BIBI (비비)
6. 물방울 (Water Drop) B1A4
7. 바람 (Wind) B1A4
8. 터벅터벅 (Plodding) (Sandeul Solo) B1A4
9. 너에게 물들어간다 (Colored with Love) (Gongchan Solo) B1A4
10. 나르샤 (Let’s Fly) B1A4
12. 더 뜨겁게 사랑할 여름에 만나요 (For BANA) B1A4

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©navermusic
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