Lee Seung Gi (이승기) – 7th Album ‘The Project’ [Full Tracklist]

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Lee Seung Gi can’t hide his excitement and nervousness at returning to his original work as a singer after five years. He is confident that this seventh studio album is his best work, having been worked on by some of the best producers in South Korea.” – Hook Ent.

Welcome back singer Seunggi! ❤ This album contains 4 new songs, and 5 remastered track from his previous albums. You can find the lyrics by clicking on the title 🙂

[Lee Seung Gi 7th Album ‘The Project’]

No. Song Title Artist
1. 뻔한남자
The Ordinary Man
Lee Seung Gi
2. 사랑
Lee Seung Gi
3. 꽃처럼
Like a Flower
Lee Seung Gi
4. 너의 눈, 너의 손, 너의 입술
Your Eyes, Hands and Lips
Lee Seung Gi
5. 잘할게
I Will
Lee Seung Gi
6. 소년, 길을 걷다
The Dreamers Dream
Lee Seung Gi
7. 널 웃게 할 노래
A Song that Will Make You Smile
이승기 ft. RM,  제이홉
Lee Seung Gi ft. RM, J-Hope
8. 사랑이 맴돈다
Love Spinning Round
Lee Seung Gi
9. 사랑한다는 말
Words That Say I Love You
Lee Seung Gi

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
Tracks Info ©hookentertainment
Please take out with full credit

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