Borest (보레스트) – 쉼 (Rest) [Youth of May OST Part 2]

[오월의 청춘 OST Part 2]
작사/작곡: 보레스트
Lyricist/Composer: Borest


i barameul ttara
keu soneul jabeuni
son teumsaero chaewojineun pogeunham
keu eonjenji molla
neul barabon haneul
neoneun neul keogie itguna

i haessare jamshi
nae nuneul gameuni
keuttaeseoya deullineun soksagimdeul
sumeul keuge han beon
sumeul keuge du beon
swim eopdeon nareul wirohanda

pureuthan haneulgwa eouljyeo heundeullin
sallanggeorineun namut.ip sairo
nunbushiji anhneun jeokdanghan haessare
salmyeoshi misoga beonjine

eoneusae yeoteojin
jageun hansum kkeute
goyohi kwaenchandago soksagimyeo
i barameul ttara
eokkael todagimyeo
jichin nae mameul wirohanda


이 바람을 따라
그 손을 잡으니
손 틈새로 채워지는 포근함
그 언젠지 몰라
늘 바라본 하늘
너는 늘 거기에 있구나

이 햇살에 잠시
내 눈을 감으니
그때서야 들리는 속삭임들
숨을 크게 한 번
숨을 크게 두 번
쉼 없던 나를 위로한다

푸릇한 하늘과 어울져 흔들린
살랑거리는 나뭇잎 사이로
눈부시지 않는 적당한 햇살에
살며시 미소가 번지네

어느새 옅어진
작은 한숨 끝에
고요히 괜찮다고 속삭이며
이 바람을 따라
어깰 토닥이며
지친 내 맘을 위로한다


I followed the breeze
And held your hand
Warmth fills up between our fingers
I don’t know since when
But you were always in the sky that I looked at

I closed my eyes
Under the sunshine
Then I heard a whisper
Take a deep breath
Take two deep breaths
It comforts me who had no rest

With the blue sky
Between the swaying tree branches
There’s just enough sunshine that doesn’t blind
Making a soft smile spread on my face

At the end of a small sigh
That has become very shallow
There is a whisper that quietly tells me it’s alright
Following the breeze
It pats my shoulder
And comforts my tired heart

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean Lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit

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