Kim Seon Ho (김선호) – 옛사랑 (An Old Love) (Hong Du Sik Vers.) [Hometown Cha Cha Cha Ep4]

Original: Lee Moon Se (이문세) – 옛사랑 (An Old Love) (1991)

In Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 4, there was a scene where Hong Dusik (Kim Seon Ho) acoustically sang this song in the cafe, and had caught the attention of the people there including Hyejin (Shin Min Ah) who was pretending to be asleep. It was short but impactful at least for me! By the way the lyrics are a bit longer than this, I only include based on where the scene was cut. Hoping that it’ll be included in the full OST soon 🙂

[갯마을 차차차]
작사/작곡: 이영훈
Lyricist/Composer: Lee Young Hoon


namdeuldo moreuge seoseongida ureotji
jinaon ildeuri gaseume samuchyeo
teong bin haneulmit bulbitdeul kyeojyeo gamyeon
yetsarang keu ireum akkyeo bulleobone

chanbaram bureowa otgiseul yeomiuda
huhoega tto hwaga nan nunmuri heureune
nuga mureodo apeul geot gatji anhdeon
jinaon nae moseub modu keojishin geol

ije keuriun geoseun keuriun daero nae mame dul kkeoya…


남들도 모르게 서성이다 울었지
지나온 일들이 가슴에 사무쳐
텅 빈 하늘밑 불빛들 켜져 가면
옛사랑 그 이름 아껴 불러보네

찬바람 불어와 옷깃을 여미우다
후회가 또 화가 난 눈물이 흐르네
누가 물어도 아플 것 같지 않던
지나온 내 모습 모두 거짓인걸

이제 그리운 것은 그리운 대로 내 맘에 둘 꺼야…


without anyone knowing I hung around and cried
past moments sank deep into my heart
under the empty sky as the lights switch on
I carefully call out my old lover’s name

cold wind blows and I adjust my collar
in regret and anger tears drop from my eyes
I once believed no one could hurt me
but was my past self all a lie?

what I long for I will keep as is inside my heart…

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean Lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: netflix]
Please Take Out With Full Credit

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