Dali and Cocky Prince OST Special (달리와 감자탕) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[달리와 감자탕 OST]
| Lyrics |

CD 1

No. Song Title Artist
1. 내 옆에는 너만 있었으면 해
The Sweetest Love
Ham Yonji
2. 직진 (Straight) 딘딘 (DINDIN)
3. That’s Ordinary Love 서호 (SeoHo)
4. 이상하죠
With You
Ha Hyun Sang
5. 사랑할 순 없는지
Can’t You Love Me
6. U Hoo Hoo 클랑 (KLANG)
7. 달 크레이터
Moon Crater
Kim Yeji
8. GIFT CHAI (이수정)
9. 연인 (키스)
The Kiss
10. One Day It Will Be Ian Hug, 서호 (SeoHo)
11. 사랑할 순 없는지 (Piano Ver.)
Can’t You Love Me (Piano Ver.)
12. U Hoo Hoo (Piano Ver.) 클랑 (KLANG)
13. GIFT (Eng Ver.) CHAI (이수정)

CD 2

No. Song Title Artist
1. Musee d’ Dali (Open 09:22) 함연지
Ham Yonji
2. 황묘농접
Flowers and Cats
Various Artists
3. Birthday Various Artists
4. 無나리자
Moona Lisa
Various Artists
5. Mr.3無
Mr. Three Moo’s
Various Artists
6. 본투비 귀티!
Born to be Glamorous
Various Artists
7. 달무커플
Dal Moo Couple
Various Artists
8. The Three Candles (Vocal fromm) Various Artists
9. Shadow of Villain Various Artists
10. X 싸고 있네!
What The Heck!
Various Artists
11. 채권자vs채무자
Creditor vs Debtor
Various Artists
12. 본투비 가성비
Born to be Cost-effective
Various Artists
13. The Scream Various Artists
14. 뭐!딜리아니
Oops! Modigliani
Various Artists
15. 기억의 지속
The Persistence of Memory
Various Artists
16. 내 돈 20억
My Two Billion
Various Artists
17. The Beethoven Freze Various Artists
18. The Cyclops Various Artists
19. 별이 빛나는 밤
The Starry Night
Various Artists
20. Musee d’ Dali (Closed 11:10) (Narr. Dali & MooHak) 최인희, 오혜주
Choi In Hee, Oh Hye Joo

Ham Yonji (함연지) – Musee d’ Dali (Open 09:22) Lyrics

The minute Prince
GAMJWA saw Dali
he fell in love with her
Oh there she is How lovely
Will Dali fall in love with him
Will Dali fall in love with
Well to be continued

Choi In Hee (최인희), Oh Hye Joo (오혜주) – Musee d’ Dali (Closed 11:10) (Narr. Dali (달리) & MooHak (무학) Lyrics

Well Dali and prince GAMJWA
finally found their gallery back
YAY They made it
and guess what
Of course she married
prince GAMJWA
Of course she married
prince GAMJWA
and they lived happily ever after

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