Happiness OST (해피니스) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[해피니스 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. What Lies Ahead Joe Layne
2. Pain 홍이삭 (Hong Isaac)
4. EUREKA!!! (Drama Edit) Joe Layne
5. Portrait Joe Layne
6. REALISE (Drama Edit) Joe Layne
7. Chaos Joe Layne
8. Eruption Joe Layne
9. Outbreak Joe Layne
10. MAGIC (Drama Edit) Joe Layne
11. Some Day Joe Layne
12. HIGHER (Drama Edit) Joe Layne
13. The End (Drama Edit) Joe Layne
14. Boundary 옹성은 (Ong Seong Eun)
15. NEXT 윤채영 (Yoon Chae Young)
16. Resist 임미현 (Im Mi Hyun)
17. The Cage 신현필 (Shin Hyun Pil)
18. Unhappiness 임미현 (Im Mi Hyun)
19. Who 박정은 (Park Jung Eun)
20. Unknown 임미현 (Im Mi Hyun)
21. The Apartment 윤채영 (Yoon Chae Young)
22. Humanism 옹성은 (Ong Seong Eun)

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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