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[스폰서 OST]
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Lyrics for Track 5 is HERE and Track 6 is HERE. Both songs are from Angel’s Last Mission: Love OST 🙂

No. Song Title Artist
1. Pray 클랑 (KLANG)
2. FANTASY 휘성 (Realslow)
3. 그림자
Frankie Summer
4. 한 마디
The Desire
5. STAY 오왠 (O.WHEN)
6. 너란 빛으로
In Your Light
7. SPONSOR Various Artists
8. DESIRE Various Artists
9. ILLUSION Various Artists
10. PRECARIOUS Various Artists
11. RESULT Various Artists
12. MASQUERADE Various Artists
13. FALLING (FEAT. KoN) Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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