Someone DMed me on twitter saying she misses my updates. I was surprised when she said that cos as far as I concern I scheduled a post to notify my visitors about my absence. But apparently it was in draft smack forehead Well it is my fault for not checking. I don’t know if you notice, but I have been ‘missing’ for a week now. I am sorry to my frequent visitors, I am not able to update my romanization at the moment cos I’m on vacation. I am sure you can find other sources and perhaps better romanization than mine ^^ But do come back to me k cos I’ll be back pretty soon. Hehehe

For now, I posted out Sungwoon’s brand new single, it is his first single after Wanna One disbanded :”( and than later after I get back from my vacation, I’ll catch up with what i’ve been missing and I will probably share with you my experience in Korea too. Let’s see if am gonna share that for real cos i always lazy to compile lol



New Theme New Resolution

After about 8 years, I finally make changes to the theme.. I thought I need a new resolution for this blog so I decided to use other theme to ‘start anew’. It was an amazing journey with the previous theme. Some people might think it’s not a big deal but for me, any changes in my life is very important. I am a person who doesn’t like to do things out of norm – kinda loyal type of person. I used the same purse for 12 years, using the same tweet handle for 7 years, posting the same content for almost a decade, never stops loving variety shows (notably 1n2d) even after season and crew changed. Oh and I’m a loyal KBS viewer too. 🙂

So, making this decision to change the theme was not easy. I had a long thought back on November last year when I am thinking to add different content into this blog.

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Eunjung (은정) – 하늘에 외치다 [Lyrics]

[My Secret Terius OST – Part 4] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
작사: 이치훈 | 작곡/편곡: 박성일
Lyricist: Lee Chi Hoon | Composer/Arranger: Park Seong Il


keudaen sumgyeol cheoreom naege dagawa
dasi ibgimcheoreom buseojyeo gago
sirin naui soge deureowa
jiul su eopneun on.gireul namgigo

hangsang gyeote isseodo
neul keuriwotdeon keudaega tto keuriwo

Tell me why
jaseogui yanggeukcheoreom daheul su eopseo
Tell me please
eodireul hyanghaeseo meoreojineunji
I’m alone
gudke damun ibsure gamchwo.on keu mal
honja jeo haneure daego woechyeobol ppunya

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VIBE (바이브) – Not a Love [Lyrics]

VIBE – 8th Album ‘About Me’
[Track 3] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |
작사: 류재현, 민연재 | 작곡: 류재현 | 편곡: 류재현, Francis, 배기필
Lyricists: Ryu Jae Hyun, Min Yeon Jae | Composer: Ryu Jae Hyun | Arrangers: Ryu Jae Hyun, Francis, Bae Gipil


jeongdabi hanain uriui munjereul
dudeuryeoyaman algetni gyesan.gicheoreom

dareuge ullineun neowa nae sarangeun
deo joyuri an dwae nalgeun pianocheoreom

sarangeul chaegeuro baewodo neoboda natgesseo
myeot beoneul ilkgo sseobwado
al su eopneun ni mameul
naega eotteohke neoreul deo ihaehae

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LOONA (이달의 소녀) – Hi High [Lyrics]

LOONA 1st Mini Album ‘++’
[Track 2] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |


You know it’s been a long day
I haven’t seen you today
You’re somewhere
I’m sure

niga nal boneun geol ara
nugubodado jal ara
keunde itji jakku almyeonseodo
neol kyesok nollogo sipeo
aniya naega wae irae
neol ppalli bada jwoyaji
mildangeun anya hajiman namjan
josim josim josim uh

Woo Ah swibjin anheulgeol
Woo Ah bimiri jom manha
naui sarang swibke jugo sipjineun anha
Woo Ah nan teukbyeolhanikka
Woo Ah nan yeppeun aenikka
malhaejwo boyeojwo jom deo andari nage

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