The Best GIF from King 2 Heart ♥

You see…. instead of the kiss, i am more touched with the way he held her.. the way he grab her.. the way he pulled her closer.. oh gosh.. and look at that.. look at the smile.. it is a satisfied smile.. a seductive smile i can say! keke :p

Cr: to the owner

Super Junior Childhood Photos ♥


This is adorable isn’t it. They are all soooo cute! ♥
Siwon looks exactly as he is now! hahaha 😀 Ahhh look at all of them. I feel like want to pinch their cheeks aigooo… and the Cutest Award goes to …………. DONGHAE !! ♥ hehehe 😉 i choose him as my personal winner. You are the cutest my Prince! ♥

photo credit to: stesaranghaes