HYOLYN (효린) ft. Jooyoung – Layin’ Low [Lyrics]

Lyricists: Robyn The Bank, Hyolyn, Mamison, Jooyoung, John OFA Rhee | Composers: Robyn The Bank, Ludvig Evers, Jonatan Gusmark, Hyolyn, Jooyoung, John OFA Rhee | Arranger: Moonshine


pureun dareun imi da jigo
nuneul garin an.gae deo jiteojyeo
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Hyolyn (효린), Dasom (다솜) – 둘 중에 골라 (Summer or Summer) Lyrics

작사: 효린, 다솜, 우태운 | 작곡: 이단옆차기, EastWest, 우태운, 화이트99 | 편곡: 이단옆차기, EastWest, SiO2
Lyricists: Hyolyn, Dasom, Woo Tae Woon | Composers: Duble Sidekick, EastWest, Woo Tae Woon, White99 | Arrangers: Duble Sidekick, EastWest, SiO2


haessari bichugo
gijigaereul kyeogo bakkeuro
doshireul pihae badaro
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Hyolyn (효린) ft. Mad Clown (매드 클라운), Kim Seung Min (김승민) – 없던 이유 (To Find a Reason) Lyrics

“When I want to give up everything and settle down,
this is a song that makes me know why I should be here right now.

I hope this song comforts me, and those who are tired…
So we could keep moving forward without stopping…”

작사: 효린, 매드 클라운, 김승민 | 작곡: 효린, 젤토, 김승민
Lyricists: Hyolyn, Mad Clown, Kim Seung Min | Composers: Hyolyn, zel.to, Kim Seung Min


Why should I live
Why should I live
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