HYOLYN (효린) ft. Jooyoung – Layin’ Low [Lyrics]

Lyricists: Robyn The Bank, Hyolyn, Mamison, Jooyoung, John OFA Rhee | Composers: Robyn The Bank, Ludvig Evers, Jonatan Gusmark, Hyolyn, Jooyoung, John OFA Rhee | Arranger: Moonshine


pureun dareun imi da jigo
nuneul garin an.gae deo jiteojyeo
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Jooyoung (주영) ft. Heize (헤이즈) – 요를 붙이는 사이 (Love Distance) Lyrics

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“There is a ‘yo’ at the beginning of the first conversation that comes to all lovers. And in a space that’s mixed with a lot of people, as soon as our toes, which do not believe in love touch casually, we expect to be closer than the distant relationship of attaching a ‘yo’. The subtlety of the first encounter before a ‘lover’ becomes a lover.”

p/s: ‘yo’ as in korean honorific, (like saranghaeYO, annyeonghaseYO, johahaeYO) a polite way of speaking to someone strangers or who is not close to you. in this context, the ‘yo’ was used when they’re not close yet. not at how I’m trying to explain to you the meaning when yall probably already know that. lmao anyways this is a very super nice song!

Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
Lyricist: Ahn Da Young | Composers: dress, brightenlight, Sam Rui, Jooyoung | Arranger: dress


unmyeongeun anigetji
uyeonigeona chakgakil keoya
deuramaneun eopseo
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Jooyoung (주영) – 나의 오늘이 너의 오늘을 만나 (Here We Are) [Find Me In Your Memory OST Part 1]

[그 남자의 기억법 OST Part 1]
| Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |
작사: 이치훈 | 작곡: 박성일 | 편곡: 엉클샘
Lyricist: Lee Chi Hoon | Composer: Park Seong Il | Arranger: Uncle Sam


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sumanheun eojedeuri
jeomulji mothan chae
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Jooyoung (주영) & Jo Hyun Ah (조현아) – 어색하게 (Two of Us) Lyrics

[Single] Door
[Track 2] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |
작사: 주영, 주노, 조현아 (어반자카파) | 작곡: Mokyo, 주영, 조현아 (어반자카파) | 편곡: Mokyo
Lyricists: Jooyoung, Juno, Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) | Composers: Mokyo, Jooyoung, Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa) | Arranger: Mokyo


chabunhan gonggi sok
neowa nanudeon
gipeotdeon daehwaneun
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Jooyoung (주영) & Jo Hyun Ah (조현아) ft. Beenzino (빈지노) – Door [Lyrics]

[Single] Door
[Track 1] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | iTunes |
작사: 주노, 빈지노, 주영 | 작곡: Mokyo, 주영, 빈지노, 제티 | 편곡: Mokyo
Lyricists: Juno, Beenzino, Jooyoung | Composers: Mokyo, Jooyoung, Beenzino, Jetti | Arranger: Mokyo


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