Junggigo (정기고) – 괜찮은 척 (To Be Ok) [Stock Struck OST Part 4]

[개미가 타고 있어요 OST Part 4]
작사: 허성진, 한지은 | 작곡/편곡: 허성진, 이화
Lyricists: Heo Seong Jin, Han Ji Eun | Composers/Arrangers: Heo Seong Jin, Lee Hwa


babo gatdeon modeun nal
namaitneun keu heunjeokdeuri
jiwojiji anhjyo sumjocha swil su eopdeon Continue reading “Junggigo (정기고) – 괜찮은 척 (To Be Ok) [Stock Struck OST Part 4]”

Junggigo (정기고) – warm [Lyrics]

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“We’re still here,
it’s a mess, and it’s clumsy, but
I just don’t know if it’s gonna be all right…”

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작사: 정기고, 송은석 | 작곡/편곡: 송은석
Lyricists: Junggigo, Song Eun Seok | Composer/Arranger: Song Eun Seok


You can take it slow
They’re talking shit about me
on the radio
How am I supposed to know bout you Continue reading “Junggigo (정기고) – warm [Lyrics]”

Junggigo (정기고) ft. Jay Park (박재범) – EOY (Eyes On You) Lyrics

“The days we live in are filled with so many handsome men/beauty just by looking at SNS for a while.
If you find someone you love only by looking at their looks, you may change the person you love several times a day.
I wanted to tell you that true love cannot be counted only by its outward appearance.”

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작사: 정기고, 박재범 | 작곡: 정기고, DJ Juice | 편곡: GUSTA&JB, 송은석
Lyricists: Junggigo, Jay Park | Composers: Junggigo, DJ Juice | Arrangers: GUSTA&JB, Song Eun Seok


sesange sumanheun areumdaun
yeojadeureun neomu manhgetjiman
keujeo yeppeugimanhan yeojadeulgwa Continue reading “Junggigo (정기고) ft. Jay Park (박재범) – EOY (Eyes On You) Lyrics”

CHANGMO (창모), ASH ISLAND, Junggigo (정기고) – PAY DAY (Prod. GRAY) Lyrics

[Single Project with KozyPop]
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작사: 창모, ASH ISLAND, 정기고 | 작곡: 정기고, 그레이, BEATBOX DG | 편곡: 그레이
Lyricists: CHANGMO, ASH ISLAND, Junggigo | Composers: Junggigo, GRAY, BEATBOX DG | Arranger: GRAY


naran nomiran cham gol ttaerin jonjae
gotongi gadeukhaesseotdeon ge ajik eoje
keureonde manggakhae oneul naeil iri Continue reading “CHANGMO (창모), ASH ISLAND, Junggigo (정기고) – PAY DAY (Prod. GRAY) Lyrics”

Junggigo (정기고) – My All [Secret Boutique OST Part 2]

[시크릿 부티크 OST Part 2]
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작사: 하나 | 작곡/편곡: 서재하, 김영성
Lyricist: Hana | Composers/Arrangers: Seo Jae Ha, Kim Young Seong

I wonder if you know how I feel
when I say your name
Sometimes I feel alone
because you can’t hear my heart
I wanna hold you and be Continue reading “Junggigo (정기고) – My All [Secret Boutique OST Part 2]”