KATIE – All About You [Adamas OST Part 5]

[아다마스 OST Part 5]
작사: 아이디얼스 | 작곡/편곡: 아이디얼스, 김민
Lyricist: ID:Earth | Composers/Arrangers: ID:Earth, Kim Min

Walking through the streets
at night
People who crave somethin Continue reading “KATIE – All About You [Adamas OST Part 5]”

KATIE – ECHO [Lyrics]

[Official Trailer]

[Official MV]

“ECHO is a future R&B track that uses the paradox of sad minor chords and light rhythmic verses. The dynamic nature of the song, provided by the synthesizer filtering, along with the distorted guitar in the chorus that grabs the listener’s attention, makes for a memorable and interesting track. KATIE’s unique tone color, falsetto, and authenticity shine through unapologetically in the track.
The build-up of dreariness in a restrained place, resulting in the longing of love translated through an echo of desperation. This song will become the signal of KATIE logging into a new ego.”

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Lyricists: Chris Holyfield, Andrew John Holyfield, Jason ‘Arner’ Housman, Ryuichi Flores | Composers/Arrangers: Chris Holyfield, Andrew John Holyfield, Jason ‘Arner’ Housman, Ryuichi Flores, Phillip Meneses


What have you done to me
When I hear your voice it
drives me crazy Oh crazy Continue reading “KATIE – ECHO [Lyrics]”