KLANG (클랑) – GONE [L.U.C.A.: The Beginning OST Part 4]

[루카 : 더 비기닝 OST Part 4]
작사: 최정인, 다니, 하루 | 작곡: 최정인, 박근철, 정수민 | 편곡: 박근철, 정수민
Lyricists: Choi Jung In, DANI, Haru | Composers: Choi Jung In, Park Geun Cheol, Jung Soo Min | Arrangers: Park Geun Cheol, Jung Soo Min


Everyone is gone
Your fear of being Alone
It will make you stronger
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Jemma – LUCA [L.U.C.A.: The Beginning OST Part 2]

[루카 : 더 비기닝 OST Part 2]
작사: 최정인, 사피라 K | 작곡: 최정인,정성민 (POPKID) | 편곡: 정성민 (POPKID), 골드라인
Lyricists: Choi Jung In, Safira K | Composers: Choi Jung In, Jung Sung Min (POPKID) | Arrangers: Jung Sung Min (POPKID), Gold Line

Look at me voice to me
Find Tree
Please let me sleep on it
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