Seo In Guk (서인국) ft. RAVI – MY LOVE [Lyrics]

Seo In Guk 2022 Single Album ‘LOVE&LOVE’
작사: 서씨네, 라비 | 작곡: 서씨네 | 편곡: 박경현
Lyricists: Seocine, RAVI | Composer: Seocine | Arranger: Pak Kyung Hyun


My love when you smiled on me
i sesangi dallajyeotjyo
And I will always be with you Continue reading “Seo In Guk (서인국) ft. RAVI – MY LOVE [Lyrics]”

RAVI (라비) – 안녕 (WHO WE ARE) Lyrics

i can feel your love, and i love you too~ saranghae Raviyaaa! let’s meet again when the time comes.

“my red and blue; my orange and my yellow, green and my purple~”
우리가 누구??  1박! 2일~~~~!

Lyricist: RAVI | Composers: RAVI, PUFF, clam, Yeo sang Yoon | Arrangers: PUFF, clam



duryeowosseo munbakkeul naseoneun ge Continue reading “RAVI (라비) – 안녕 (WHO WE ARE) Lyrics”