SF9 – 손잡아 줄게 (Shine Together) Lyrics

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A very beautiful song specially dedicated to their beloved fans, Fantasy. The members wrote the lyrics thinking about all the love, and support the fans has given them, nothing but only sincerity can be found in every words. Happy 4th debut anniversary SF9 ❤

[Track 1]
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
Lyricists: Youngbin, Jaeyoon (SF9), Zuho, Hwiyoung (SF9), Chani, Han Seong Ho | Composers: Daniel Kim, Sebastian Berglund | Arranger: Sebastian Berglund


sumanheun byeoldeul junge
gal got irheun byeol hana
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SF9 – My Story, My Song [Lyrics]

SF9 8th Mini Album ‘9loryUS’
[Track 6]
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Apple |
작사: 한성호, 영빈, 주호, 휘영, 찬희 | 작곡: 박수석, Tiyon “TC” Mack, Jayrah Gibson | 편곡: 박수석
Lyricists: Han Seong Ho, Youngbin, Zuho, Hwiyoung, Chani | Composers: Park Su Seok, Tiyon “TC” Mack, Jayrah Gibson | Arranger: Park Su Seok


naui i noraega wiroga doegil
ki jageun ullimi keu shijagi doegil

keureohkena wonhaetdeon geotdeuri nun ape
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