Solar (솔라) of Mamamoo (마마무) – 나는 그대고 그대는 나였다 (Always, Be With You) [Lovers of the Red Sky OST Part 2]

[홍천기 OST Part 2]
작사: 김창락, 김수빈, 제이시즌 | 작곡: 김창락, 김수빈, 권수현 | 편곡: 김수빈, 임수혁, 권수현
Lyricists: CR Kim (AIMING), Kim Soo Bin (AIMING), J-Season | Composers: CR Kim (AIMING), Kim Soo Bin (AIMING), Kwon Soo Hyun (AIMING) | Arrangers: Kim Soo Bin (AIMING), Im Soo Hyuk, Kwon Soo Hyun (AIMING)


boinayo keudael hyanghan maeumi
unmyeongcheoreom jakku keudae gyeoteul tteonaji mothae
yeojeonhi ireon nal hokshi ana jul su itnayo
naneun keudaeman tto kidarimnida Continue reading “Solar (솔라) of Mamamoo (마마무) – 나는 그대고 그대는 나였다 (Always, Be With You) [Lovers of the Red Sky OST Part 2]”

Solar (솔라) of MAMAMOO – Adrenaline [Vincenzo OST Part 3]

[빈센조 OST Part 3]
작사: 박세준, 박예서 | 작곡: 우지훈, 박세준 | 편곡: 우지훈
Lyricists: Park Se Jun, Park Ye Seo | Composers: Woo Ji Hoon, Park Se Jun | Arranger: Woo Ji Hoon

adrenaline rushing through my vain
I forgot all the pain
I drink lit drip for life to
lose my sight of emptiness Continue reading “Solar (솔라) of MAMAMOO – Adrenaline [Vincenzo OST Part 3]”

SOLAR (솔라) – 뱉어 (Spit It Out) Lyrics

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“It’s a song that spits out all my passion. For me, who always enjoys challenging newness, I thought the word ‘spit’ fits me very well.
Sometimes it’s a little weird because I’m too passionate, but it means don’t get stressed out and let’s spit it out. I think it’d be good for the listeners to enjoy it together. Shall we go listen?” — Solar

[Solar 1st Solo Album ‘Spit It Out’]
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작사/작곡: 김도훈 (RBW), 솔라 | 편곡: 김도훈 (RBW)
Lyricists/Composers: Kim Do Hoon (RBW), Solar | Arranger: Kim Do Hoon (RBW)


hago shipeun daero da hago sara jigeumkkeot nan
jaemitneun geol tto chaja maeil saerowo nan
Because I’m ready Continue reading “SOLAR (솔라) – 뱉어 (Spit It Out) Lyrics”

Solar (솔라), Kassy (케이시) – 이 노랜 꽤 오래된 거야 (A Song From The Past) Lyrics

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작사: 솔라, 케이시 | 작곡: 조영수 | 편곡: 조영수, 한길
Lyricists: Solar, Kassy | Composer: Jo Young Soo | Arrangers: Jo Young Soo, Han Gil


amureon saenggakdo eopdeon nal
mundeuk nado moreuge heungeolgeoryeo
iksukhajiman natseondeuthan norae
gwaenhi nunshiuri bulgeojyeo ul geot gata Continue reading “Solar (솔라), Kassy (케이시) – 이 노랜 꽤 오래된 거야 (A Song From The Past) Lyrics”