2013 KBS Drama Awards – Full Winner List

2013 KBS Drama Awards was hosted by Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Mi Sook, Joo Sang Wook and YoonA.

The grand prize went to Kim Hye Soo for her portrayal as Miss Kim in Queen of Office. She attended the ceremony pretty much as “Miss Kim”, cool and slick!

Check out the completed list of the winners below 🙂


Daesang (Grand Prize)
Kim Hye Soo – Queen of Office

Top Excellence Actors
Joo Won – Good Doctor
• Ji Sung – Secret

Top Excellence Actress
Hwang Jung Eum – Secret

Best Scriptwriter
• Moon Young Nam – Wang’s Family

Excellence Actor (Full-Length Drama)
Jo Jung Suk – You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin
• Jo Seong Ha – Wang’s Family

Excellence Actress (Full-Length Drama)
Lee Mi Sook – You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin
• Lee Tae Ran – Wang’s Family

Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Drama)
Joo Sang Wook – Good Doctor

Excellence Actress (Mid-Length Drama)
• Moon Chae Won – Good Doctor

Excellence Actor (Mini-Series)
Oh Ji Ho – Queen of Office

Excellence Actress (Mini-Series)
YoonA – Prime Minister & I

Excellence Actor (Daily Drama)
Kim Seok Hoon – Ruby Ring

Excellence Actress (Daily Drama)
Lee So Yeon – Ruby Ring

Netizens Award
Joo Won – Good Doctor
Hwang Jung Eum – Secret

PD Choice Award (KBS, SBS & MBC)
• Joo Won – Good Doctor


Best Supporting Actor
Bae Soo Bin – Secret

Best Supporting Actress
Lee Da Hee – Secret

Popularity Award
Ji Sung – Secret
Moon Chae Won – Good Doctor

Best Couple Award
Joo Won ♡ Moon Chae Won – Good Doctor
Ji Sung ♡ Hwang Jung Eum – Secret
IU ♡ Jo Jung Suk – You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin
Kim Hye Soo ♡ Oh Ji Ho – Queen of Office
Lee Bum Soo ♡ YoonA – Prime Minister & I

Best New Actors
Jung Woo – You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin
Han Joo Wan – Wang’s Family

Best New Actresses
IU – You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin / Beautiful Man
Kyung Soo Jin – Shark / Eunhee

Best Youth Actor
Yun Joon Suk – Shark

Best Youth Actress
Kim Yoo Bin – Mandate of Heaven

Special Short Drama Award
Yoo Oh Sung – Witch / The Mother’s Island
Choi Daniel – Waiting for Love
Han Ye Ri – Yeon Woo’s Summer
BoA – Waiting for Love

Congratulations to all the winners and happy new year!

Compiled by: sleeplessaliana
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3 Replies to “2013 KBS Drama Awards – Full Winner List”

  1. Well, personally I deeply think that … BRAIN (브레인), is undoubtedly the best drama ever created, produced, directed, played and aired. With this unforgettable and priceless drama, through its plot and its outstanding actors, actresses and musicians so touching, and incredibly realistic, you have blessed each human soul. Here is not an exageration. You’ve made a great job, incredibly human ! Such a benediction, a gift for everyone. Thousands Warm Thank You. Please, invest to create and produce a continuation to this priceless drama. You will invest money and time, and … you will earn an international gratitude from each human soul. Dr Kim Sang Chul said beautifully that our brain is our true heart, so please do not forget that using your brain as your heart, investing in a such new work would be a great benediction for you, for us, for everyone across the world.


    1. Who is the lead? Han jeongwoo? I heard about the drama before but i was busy with work so i seldom watch drama that time. Eventually i forgot to watch. Haha sounds promising. Perhaps I can give a shot. 🙂


      1. Sleepless Aliana, thank you for having pay attention to my comment on your page. Here are, my answers to your questions about BRAIN 브레인.

        I would say that there are several main characters, through Dr Lee Kang-Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) appears to be the main protagonist as we are lead to see him from different points of view, and it thanks to these different points of view from the other characters and from Life itself, that we are also lead to see in him and in the whole drama, a priceless staging of our most intimate feelings and thoughts as individual. Such a great challenge, such a great sucess ! As I know that you have not yet watch it, I try here to do not give you explicit clues. However, I also advice you to attentive to Lee Kang-Hoon’s mother, who is also a very realistic and touching character.
        I think, like many others, that I can understand what does mean to be busy with work lol, however, I can assert you that you will not regret to give a shot, as you said, to this priceless Korean masterpiece : through it can looks like a very subjective point of view, trust that there is a large part of objectivity in it.

        On my side, I am making some clips about different dimensions of BRAIN브레인, there will be post on my : http://brainkoreandrama.wordpress.com/ Feel free to have a look on it, if you want later.

        I wish you the best,
        Greets from France.


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