ehem.. *clearing throat* Hey everyone! ^^v So.. it has been about two weeks since I last post anything. I wanted to keep it updated with latest lyrics, OST and all but I just couldn’t. I had a short(?) vacay to the kimchi land for the last two weeks and I didn’t bring my laptop. I thought I can blog through my phone but I was wrong. My vacay had me cure the “sleepless” disease in me. Usually I can stay up late or it’s hard to fell asleep even when I try to sleep early. But during my vacay, I guess maybe because everyday was a tiring day, after return to the guesthouse, I fell into deep sleep as soon as I lie down. No joke. My lips even swollen cuz my phone fall onto my face multiple times. Dayyum. Since I am back now, I have feeling that the sleeplessness will be back too. hahaha

I’ll try to catch up and ensure the OSTs are well-updated. Please give me some times to backtrack. ^^

As a side note, since I receive request to blog about my trip, well I might blog about it but it’s just a plan. It’s fun to share our experience but I might also end up not doing anything.. tihihi