a little status update

dearest visitors,

I received many dm on twitter asking for new updates, particularly on new OST. i’m so sorry for the delay in posting, I am currently on vacation. even though I want to update this blog consistently every day, I always fall asleep in front of the computer γ… γ…  I’ll catch up as much as I can before I’m back to my regular posting schedule.

Have a nice day! πŸ™‚


Happy 10 Years Anniversary!

Exactly today 10 years ago, in my sister’s house, I seat cross-legged on the thick-brown carpet, with my ruby-red Dell laptop on top of the coffee table. Inspired by a few lyric blogs I often visit, I wanted to create a blog too β€” I was interested to share lyric romanization, cos I know how to romanize hangul so I thought I wanted to share that ‘talent’. But I had zero knowledge about blogging and I only know two platforms β€” blogspot or wordpress? Continue reading “Happy 10 Years Anniversary!”

Sleepless Challenge : Translations

Hello visitors, readers, karaoke singers, fellow kpoppers..

howdy! I now started translating some of the lyrics cos I wanted to challenge myself. I know I’m not perfect but hey, I’m trying! //insert awkward smile// So.. if you see any translations by me and you, who happen to be a master in Korean language, notices that there are severe inaccuracy in the translation, please notify me. I don’t wanna embarrass myself with an inaccurate translation! Also, if you are a grammar police, and sensitive about my bad grammar, please notify me if you see any broken English (I might made mistake while writing this though).

I will try translate simple lyrics, whichever translatable by me, also if I care enough to actually use my full brain capacity for this. Oh and if I cannot find the translation anywhere. But if I’m not satisfied, I might replace it if I found a better translations β€” Then we pretend it never happened. Yikes

Wish me luck!
the sleepless lady β™‘
(and translator partner, papago hehehe)

Happy 1st Anniversary UNB!

Happy 1st Anniversary UNB!!

So one year has passed. I still remember the feeling I had when UNB first finalized, and the adrenaline when waiting for the teasers, when tryin’ to catch up with endless updates from various sources γƒΌ vlive, twitter, instagram, facebook, naver, fan cafe γƒΌ at random time! I even had to bring my phone to the toilet cos yeah.. I can’t stand being one second late.

Last night, after going through one folder to another, all those memories flashing through my mind that I broke down into tears. Call me dramatic I don’t care. That’s how special they are in my life. So, I thought before this memory faded from my life library, I would want to turn it into words. It’ll be a long ass essay with grammatical error for sure. Please pardon me.

This is a dramatic not-so-short story of my UNME journey; Continue reading “Happy 1st Anniversary UNB!”

One Step Further

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long wait. I wanted to do some changes to this blog and I finally have the guts to do so. Thank goodness. It’s so hard to make a decision! That’s why I cannot be a leader. Haha

Anyway from now on there will be some changes internally. I don’t know if it will affect the outline of this blog, I hope not! I’m taking this blog to another level. I actually risking everything — If something goes wrong I might lose this treasure so I really really hope when you click on my blog it will appear like usual.

I have one more important decision to make so good luck to me and I pray that everthing will be just fine. Be brave and confident, aliana!

See you; xoxo πŸ™‚