Happy 10 Years Anniversary!

Exactly today 10 years ago, in my sister’s house, I seat cross-legged on the thick-brown carpet, with my ruby-red Dell laptop on top of the coffee table. Inspired by a few lyric blogs I often visit, I wanted to create a blog too โ€” I was interested to share lyric romanization, cos I know how to romanize hangul so I thought I wanted to share that ‘talent’. But I had zero knowledge about blogging and I only know two platforms โ€” blogspot or wordpress? Which one is good? Which one is easier? So after a little digging and reading, I decided to go for wordpress. Simply because they said I don’t have to do anything and they will take care of everything you know, it’s quite convincing. So yeah, I signed up! and that moment was 10 years ago!! wowww

I signed up after hours of thinking what username should I use, what kind of name should I choose for my blog? As an avid fan of Super Junior at that time, I wanted to include anything that are related to the fandom name ELF ‘Everlasting Friends’. I am a korean drama fan too! a korean variety show and kpop lover too! Thus…. I came up with everlastingkoreanlover *cringeee* I remember the layout was white, the header was green, like a flower field green. It was pretty for me who loved anything flowers at that time. The first post was 1 Night 2 Days related content. cos hell yeah I love 1 Night 2 Days!!

About almost a year later, I wanted to changed my tumblr name, so I thought maybe I should synchronize with this blog. Since I love something dreamy, or sparkly, misty, you know something like Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, I tried to use those words and mismatch but I failed. The Starry Night painting have all elements that I love and for some reason, it always reminded me to a movie ‘Sleepless In Seattle’. Sooo as you all can guess now, I finally found my destiny haha Coincidently, I always sleep late, sometimes I spent sleepless night watching korean drama and variety shows! So without hesitation, I added sleepless to my nickname, that’s how ‘sleeplessaliana’ came to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

The first few contents were 1n2d and Super Junior related. I did post a few lyrics but unfortunately I got overwhelmed with this idea of consistent blogging. As much as I was excited and full of ideas, I thought I was too ambitious, so I kind of abandoned it?

I started working in 2012 and that’s how I got inspiration to blog again. (While searching for old posts, I found THIS POST where Kyuhyun and gang went to Greece. It was in Sept. 2012, although it wasn’t me who was in that vacation, it does bringing back memories fangirling about them haha) Just when I thought I could continue blogging, I had to give up cos it was difficult for me to get internet connection at that time. I didn’t have the latest smartphone where you could have mobile data, my rent house didn’t have wifi, nor do I had broadband, so I only relied on connection when I was in the office! (OMG I sound so old ใ… ใ… ) Blogging in the office wasn’t easy though, I didn’t want to slack off so I back off AGAIN.

look I even thank my 1000 viewers at that time huhu

Anyways life is unpredictable, finally near end of 2013? after I settled down, I started blogging again. I regained momentum and after experimenting a little, I finally found my forte which I should focus on; lyrics romanization. Of course! That was my original objective when I signed up for the blog! How could I forget? Perhaps I think too much, but it’s never too late ayy So after on and off posting, it was in 2014 when I started getting serious and posting lyrics romanization again โ€” for real . continuously . no more halt .

THIS was my first ever lyric romanization I posted, on the day when I created this blog. It was one of my favorite OST. The process was full of uncertainty, many hours spent trying to figure out the button, how to style the lyrics; should I separate the romanization? or should I put it right below the hangul? I was queen of overthinking. I still am. *facepalm* However that was the start of all, it was the reflection of the introvert me trying to challenge myself to do something new. It’s embarrassing when looking at it now but I wasn’t ashamed of myself hehe (or maybe I should edit it someday yikes)

Many things happened along the way, but my purpose hasn’t changed. Although there are so many out there now who are doing the same thing as me, perhaps better! I’m still trying my best to stay and deliver.ย I want you who read this, who possibly come here for the lyrics, to benefit from my romanization. There were times when I mentally tired, and wanted to give up but sometimes some visitors reach out and thank me for what I’m doing, that’s what motivates me!

It is unbelievable how I managed to reach 10 years mark. Thanks to you, I’m able to keep going; able to grow, to keep on practicing reading hangul while typing very fast, to the point now I spent only 4 minutes romanizing a simple lyric hehe my gratitude goes to you, my visitors โ€” from 100 to 1000 visitors to a million, throughout 10 years and counting. I don’t know how long will I keep this small blog running, I hope I’ll be here 5 years later.

I feel emotional thinking how this nest has become a big part of my life. When I saw the notification for the anniversary… It occurred to me that this blog is not just a blog, not just a site, it is very important and is valuable to me. As cringe as it sound, this is ME mainly trying to reach out through my romanization, which is not just ABC version of hangul but a bridge to connect you and me.

Happy Anniversary Sleeplessaliana! โค
Thank you for reading xoxo


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