Happy 10 Years Anniversary!

Exactly today 10 years ago, in my sister’s house, I seat cross-legged on the thick-brown carpet, with my ruby-red Dell laptop on top of the coffee table. Inspired by a few lyric blogs I often visit, I wanted to create a blog too β€” I was interested to share lyric romanization, cos I know how to romanize hangul so I thought I wanted to share that ‘talent’. But I had zero knowledge about blogging and I only know two platforms β€” blogspot or wordpress? Continue reading “Happy 10 Years Anniversary!”


Sleepless Challenge : Translations

Hello visitors, readers, karaoke singers, fellow kpoppers..

howdy! I now started translating some of the lyrics cos I wanted to challenge myself. I know I’m not perfect but hey, I’m trying! //insert awkward smile// So.. if you see any translations by me and you, who happen to be a master in Korean language, notices that there are severe inaccuracy in the translation, please notify me. I don’t wanna embarrass myself with an inaccurate translation! Also, if you are a grammar police, and sensitive about my bad grammar, please notify me if you see any broken English (I might made mistake while writing this though).

I will try translate simple lyrics, whichever translatable by me, also if I care enough to actually use my full brain capacity for this. Oh and if I cannot find the translation anywhere. But if I’m not satisfied, I might replace it if I found a better translations β€” Then we pretend it never happened. Yikes

Wish me luck!
the sleepless lady β™‘
(and translator partner, papago hehehe)

PRODUCE X 101: Sleepless Thoughts

Produce X 101 – X1 Logo

After 3 months of colorful journey, PDX101 is finally over. We are finally having our 11 X1 members! Initially I watch this show because of Lee Han Gyul. He is The Unit pride I must say. He’s the only The Unit contestant that signed up for Produce X 101. I’m glad and worried at the same time but at the end of the day, we all want to see him succeed. Thus, with that mindset, I invested my time to watch the show. Continue reading “PRODUCE X 101: Sleepless Thoughts”

New Theme New Resolution

After about 8 years, I finally make changes to the theme.. I thought I need a new resolution for this blog so I decided to use other theme to ‘start anew’. It was an amazing journey with the previous theme. Some people might think it’s not a big deal but for me, any changes in my life is very important. I am a person who doesn’t like to do things out of norm – kinda loyal type of person. I used the same purse for 12 years, using the same tweet handle for 7 years, posting the same content for almost a decade, never stops loving variety shows (notably 1n2d) even after season and crew changed. Oh and I’m a loyal KBS viewer too. πŸ™‚

So, making this decision to change the theme was not easy. I had a long thought back on November last year when I am thinking to add different content into this blog.

Continue reading “New Theme New Resolution”