Not Over to Start Over – A K-Drama OST Theory

Itaewon Class just ended and everyone goes crazy for the OST, particularly Start Over by Gaho. This song currently charted very high in korean music platform. But did you know he also sang an OST for The Last Empress with similar title?

If you watched that drama, you might know. the title is Not Over. *thunder sounds*

The Last Empress OST Part 2 – Not Over

Itaewon Class OST Part 2 – Start Over

I’m writing this because I couldn’t stop thinking about this similarity. Both OSTs were also released as Part 2…….. I know this is probably a pure coincidence and not relevant at all but it’s very interesting. It’s as if they are linked to one another, perhaps a continuation, or they intentionally do it like an ‘Over’ series project or something. haha

So I check both composers and baaammmm the songs are written and composed by the same person.. *heavy thunder sounds*

I AM CONVINCED. They must’ve specifically chose Gaho to sing their masterpiece!

Apart from pointing out the title similarities and trying to prove my unwanted theory, I’m also writing this specially because the songs itself are so good I would recommend it to every kdrama OST fans out there. Not Over was released in 2018 but I still listen to it up until now. Both OST gave a significant impact for the drama flow and to the fans respectively ー at least for me!

You know, when I listen to Start Over, I gain so much confidence like I can do anything in this world. Like  I would just put on my shoes and run wholeheartedly, confidently, like nothing can stop me. Maybe the secret lies on Gaho’s powerful voice, or because of the music arrangement — the starting is epic! Meanwhile, Not Over doesn’t give a ‘motivational’ start, but the chorus is to die for – it gives me goosebumps from time to time and it’s like hugging the leads that ‘you can do this, endure and fight!’ kinda vibe.

The fact that both song were written by the same team, I can’t help but having my own theory that Start Over is related to Not Over and that they specifically chose Gaho to continue the trend.

“Can I overcome myself?
Will you give me an answer on where I should go?
I want to go back to the beginning
When I wasn’t the person I am now
If this isn’t over yet”
Not Over, 2018

“I don’t wanna lose myself ever again
I put my everything into this
So I’m gonna take whatever I want
Because that’s my dream
Nothing has changed
I’m just enduring
Because my dreams will get stronger”
Start Over, 2020

This so-called theory might be irrelevant though. If it’s not like what I think, let’s just pretend this never happen cos I’m in my own imagination. But still.. what do you think. Does it make sense to you? haha

the sleepless lady

p/s: worth nothing that the hangul title for both songs can be literally translated using other english words but the official english title are as I mentioned – either way, the meaning are still the same.

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