Sleepless Challenge : Translations

Hello visitors, readers, karaoke singers, fellow kpoppers..

howdy! I now started translating some of the lyrics cos I wanted to challenge myself. I know I’m not perfect but hey, I’m trying! //insert awkward smile// So.. if you see any translations by me and you, who happen to be a master in Korean language, notices that there are severe inaccuracy in the translation, please notify me. I don’t wanna embarrass myself with an inaccurate translation! Also, if you are a grammar police, and sensitive about my bad grammar, please notify me if you see any broken English (I might made mistake while writing this though).

I will try translate simple lyrics, whichever translatable by me, also if I care enough to actually use my full brain capacity for this. Oh and if I cannot find the translation anywhere. But if I’m not satisfied, I might replace it if I found a better translations — Then we pretend it never happened. Yikes

Wish me luck!
the sleepless lady ♡
(and translator partner, papago hehehe)

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