New Theme New Resolution

After about 8 years, I finally make changes to the theme.. I thought I need a new resolution for this blog so I decided to use other theme to ‘start anew’. It was an amazing journey with the previous theme. Some people might think it’s not a big deal but for me, any changes in my life is very important. I am a person who doesn’t like to do things out of norm – kinda loyal type of person. I used the same purse for 12 years, using the same tweet handle for 7 years, posting the same content for almost a decade, never stops loving variety shows (notably 1n2d) even after season and crew changed. Oh and I’m a loyal KBS viewer too. 🙂

So, making this decision to change the theme was not easy. I had a long thought back on November last year when I am thinking to add different content into this blog.

I normally only post lyrics but I want a new stuff so I thought why not making 2019 a reboot. I’m not a tech person so it cost me a headache to figure out technical stuff. What I did was just do some changes to the background color to test the water. It was messy so I thought this is it. If I want to reboot, I should start with changing the theme completely. I planned to do it on January 1st to commemorate new year but oh well… It is not Aliana if she doesn’t think too much lmao. It took me 7 days to finally made up my mind and click that ‘activate’ button.

I have limited option so I picked 3 themes but among all, I love this one the most cos I like how the header doesn’t move when I scroll down. (different browser/device might show differently). The widgets also positioned at my desired place. It’s not a surprise if I suddenly change the theme again lol but I doubt I would do that now cos I still like it. As at now (Jan 7, 3.50am) I am still figuring out the features and function so you might see some changes here and there in the future. I hope you will still have a good experience browsing my site. Please tell me if you found any error somewhere. I am putting UNB’s MV as the header at the moment cos I want UNB to be the first to experience my ‘new’ blog. Too bad it doesn’t have sound (is it just me?). I don’t know if everyonre can see the video? if you can, you can click on it to listen on Youtube ^^ I’ll constantly change the header from time to time. If the video causing slow browsing performance, please notify me. I’ll change it.

I hope with the new changes I’m making, it will be useful to my visitors. If not many, some would do. I have so many ideas to make this blog more colorful with various content but I have the same amount of worry too. I’m afraid it is too contrast with what I’ve done so far. What if my visitors find it uncomfortable? All sort of worry.. what I’m afraid the most is I might not doing anything at all cos I’m lazy lmao please be nice to me, 2019. I want to challenge myself for the better ㅠㅠ

I’ll try my best to be more productive. But please don’t expect too much haha >.< I’ll miss my previous theme for sure. Thank you San Kloud for the amazing 8 years. I hope this changes will have positive effect and I hope 2019 will be good to all of us! Thank you for reading 🙂



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