PRODUCE X 101: Sleepless Thoughts

Produce X 101 – X1 Logo

After 3 months of colorful journey, PDX101 is finally over. We are finally having our 11 X1 members! Initially I watch this show because of Lee Han Gyul. He is The Unit pride I must say. He’s the only The Unit contestant that signed up for Produce X 101. I’m glad and worried at the same time but at the end of the day, we all want to see him succeed. Thus, with that mindset, I invested my time to watch the show.

Along the road, I picked up Yohan, Dohyon, Seungwoo and Jinhyuk as my favorite cos they are all amazing in their own way. It’s not easy to have all of your favorite to debut together so realistically, I didn’t expect Hangyul to made it into the debut line cos he never been in that line before. I was just holding on to the word ‘miracle’ to see Hangyul debuted. I was so damn scared cos he could end up repeating the same fate on The Unit. I kinda gave up though.

It doesn’t occur to me to actually get to see my both MBK boys Hangyul and Dohyon to debut together. Now that they made it to final line up, uff they gonna save MBK for real! gosh I’m so looking forward to the content we gonna get — all the teasing!! ^^

Jinhyuk, Yohan, Seungwoo during BOSS performance. I love this trio 😦

As much as I’m happy that my picks get selected, Jinhyuk pulling another Jonghyun made me so heartbroken.. He deserves much more than this. It’s really a pity he couldn’t be there with Wooseok and the rest of the members. But then again, the future is bright for him. I hope he can receive the same amount of love with Up10Tion. Even better if they can succeed like Nu’est!

Generally, I’m satisfied with the line up. I expected worse than this though so I’m quite relieve it doesn’t happen like I predicted. Except for Jinhyuk, all my 4 other picks made it to Top 11. I’m a happy lady! This line up have main vocal, main rapper, dancers, and they have cute members, they have everything! so they just gotta balance themselves. For some reason I think this is gonna be the bada$$ line up in Produce history hahahahaha congratulations guys. 🙂

From all of this, one thing that I only regret is I don’t get to see Tony as much as it should be. The airtime for this boy is so short.. I don’t know probably because he doesn’t talk or react much but still… He is literally last place so at least he should get a bit more screentime.. #emo

Anyways, the emotional pain is over. I finally can breath but my weekend is not gonna be the same anymore.. I’ll surely miss this season. I can write a long a$$ essay if I put my mind into it but lemme just leave it that way. 🙂

Moment when daepyonim announced Hangyul’s name — history made.

I was as shocked as him, Dohyon probably let out that dolphin squeal it’s just we didn’t hear it, fellow trainees enthusiastically congratulating him, teacher Youngjun and other trainers were seen celebrating the moment, and then his mom.. your son did it, mommy ;;

Lee Dong Wook’s description on Hangyul after calling his name:

“Lee Han Gyul, who can make us fall in love with his sexiness at first and make us fall in love again with his secret aegyo. he is full of charms. he has never been called in the debut ranking but he has finally succeeded in the final ranking. congratulations!” — trans

Hangyul’s usual short but meaningful speech:

“i never expected this. I almost gave up but when I heard my name, I was dumbfounded. First to my parents, I’ll do my best and I love you guys and to my 101 friends, national producers, staffs, trainees and daepyonim, thank you all. I’ll do my best, thank you.” — trans

Hangyul during when he supported UNB as a dancer 🙂

I’m so proud of him. I’m overjoyed to see The Unit family keep on supporting each other’s dream. UNB and UNI.T didn’t get much opportunity to shine, now it’s time for him to show what he’s capable of. He’s no longer a guest dancer, no longer a failed trainee. He is now the main actor on stage — he’s an idol picked by thousands of fans! This is not a drill. It’s real. We are finally getting content we deserve.

Congratulations Lee Han Gyul! You’ve worked hard to be where you are now. It still feels surreal seeing he walk his way towards the sofa seat. He made it 😦 He’s one step further in realizing his dream and this is only the beginning of more beautiful stories. Thank you voters.

Thank you 101 trainees, thank you daepyonim (lee dong wook is the best of all. i’m not lying) thank you trainers, and fellow fans for the memories~

Their final X1_MA performance ㅠㅠ

Check out the lyrics for their new songs on final stage: Boyness, To My World, and Dream For You and also the rest of the songs they did in Concept Evaluation 🙂

PDX101; annyeonghaseyo X1~ ❤

sleepless lady

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