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Jeong Eun Ji of Apink, the representative girl group of Korea, released her first solo album [Dream] in 5 years of her debut.
The title song [Hopefully sky], which the harmony of nostalgic folk sounds and stylish pop is outstanding, is co-produced by the best producing team Double Side Kick, long candy, EASTWEST and Jeong Eun Ji. From the planning stage to the last arrangement, Jeong Eun ji participated in with deep consideration and care, delivering a touching message for all fathers of today by singing ‘daddy’ with her warm voice and emotions. – 1thek

Jeong Eun Ji 1st Mini Album ‘DREAM
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 하늘바라기
Hopefully Sky
정은지 ft. 하림
Jeong Eun Ji ft. Hareem
2. 사랑은 바람처럼
Love is Like the Wind
Jeong Eun Ji
3. It’s OK 정은지
Jeong Eun Ji
4. Home 정은지
Jeong Eun Ji
5. 사랑이란
Love is
Jeong Eun Ji
6. 하늘바라기 (Piano Ver.)
Hopefully Sky (Piano Ver.)
Jeong Eun Ji

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