uncontrollably fond ost volume 1

‘Ring My Bell’ is not in the list! My best guess would be it’ll be included in next line up as title song. As for this one they use Kim Woobin’s ‘Picture in My Head’. ❤ Another thing I notice is that they include Midnight Youth’s Golden Love! Kyaaaaaaa 😀  So far this song is one of the three foreign songs you can hear in this drama. I have high hopes that they’ll include New Empire’s songs in the next line up. woots!

I’m anticipating the next OST release as well. I’m waiting for Hwanhee’s and Kim Bum Soo’s. I’m not sure if it was really them, but my ears telling me it’s them lol.. Let’s wait and see.

[Uncontrollably Fond OST Volume 1 – Full Tracklist]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. 내 머릿속 사진
Picture in My Head
Kim Woo Bin
2. 틀린그림찾기
Finding Differences
키썸, 임슬옹
Kisum, Im Seulong
3. 가슴이 말해
My Heart Tells Me
Kim Na Young
4. Only U 정기고
5. 보고싶어
I Miss You
6. 밀지마 (Original Ver.)
Don’t Push (Original Ver.)
웬디, 슬기 of 레드벨벳
Wendy, Seulgi of Red Velvet
7. 어디부터 어디까지
From When and Until When
8. 혹시 아니
Do You Know
Kim Woo Bin
9. Golden Love Midnight Youth
10. Chaos Various Artists
11. Bright Intro Various Artists
12. Running Away Various Artists
13. Blues Life Various Artists
14. Running Away Behind Various Artists
15. Sunset Various Artists
16. Shining Day Various Artists
17. Harmonica Theme Various Artists
18. Pain Various Artists
19. Need Somebody Various Artists

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