SE O (Im Seo Young) (세오 (임서영)) – Sad Heart (아련한 마음)

[Reunited Worlds OST – Part 3] Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs | Olleh | iTunes |
작사: SE O (임서영), 박세준 | 작곡/편곡: 김민지, 박세준
Lyricists: SE O (Im Seo Young), Park Se Joon | Composers/Arrangers: KIm Min Ji, Park Se Joon

날 바라보는 눈빛에
무슨 의미를 담고 있나요
조용히 불어오는 바람이
답을 알려줄까요

그대 까만 눈동자
말은 하지 않지만
수많은 이야기가
들려오는 것 같아요


아픈 마음도
아린 기억도

뜨거운 눈물 속에
모두 녹지 않으면
지금 이 시간 속으로
모두 흘려 보내요


nal baraboneun nunbiche
museun uimireul damgo itnayo
joyonghi bureo oneun barami
dabeul allyeojulkkayo

keudae kkaman nundongja
mareun haji anhjiman
sumanheun iyagiga
deullyeo oneun geot gatayo

woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

apeun ma.eumdo
arin ki.eokdo

tteugeo.un nunmul soge
modu nokji anheumyeon
jigeum i sigan sogeuro
modu heullyeo bonaeyo


In your eyes that look at me
What meaning is inside?
The quietly blowing wind
Will it tell me the answer?

Your black eyes
They don’t talk but
I feel like I can hear
Endless stories

My heartache
My painful memories

If they don’t all melt
In hot tears
Send them all
Right now, in this time

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit

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