Drama Suggestion!

Hey guys, do you have any new good K-drama to recommend? I just finish watching Jugglers and it’s so good I love it. I always like office romance theme and Jugglers brought back memory of past K-drama I watched when I was teenager. You know, cold-blooded boss who has dark past and secretary/assistant who manages to change the boss to be more warm-hearted. hehe Sometime I am in the mood for dark and action drama, at one point, I just want to watch romantic comedy or another time a family drama, — this time my mood is all for Jugglers. haha I just finished episode 16 yesterday.

Currently I am still on-going with Black Knight! I am all for KBS drama — my favorite broadcasting station. OMG I love Kim Rae Won’s character. Like really!! Sooho is so matured how he handles things are super sexy and he’s very romantic, although he makes me cringe sometime. hahaha But as a woman, I can’t help but helplessly falling in love with him. He’s very romantically straightforward and when shit happen, he doesn’t jump into conclusion yet, he deals with it maturely. Urghh love the guy. It’s been awhile since I see character like this. Such a husband material. excuse my fangirling

The drama itself is very promising and have unique plot which I like. Although it can get boring at times, I still can handle that. Thanks to Moon Sooho. ehe :p I just a bit disappointed with the OST. I like a few of them but I believe it can be alot better than what they have. Black Knight has the mysterious vibes so I expect something like a mystery kind of OST or dark theme or magical kind… something like Goblin? Most of the OST they have is too bright I think. That is just my opinion. Maybe I expect too much from Kenzie since he has produced many good songs before. I still love the drama anyway. hahaha

Jugglers has gone, on-going with only Black Knight now. I want to watch at least 2 more dramas. I am saving A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi) until at least 10 episodes so you don’t have to recommend me that. Haha Any other drama to suggest? Please comment below or mention me on twitter!

Lots of love;
xoxo 🙂


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