Record of Youth OST [Full Tracklist/Lyrics]

[청춘기록 OST]
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Opening Title : ‘Record of Youth’ by Janet Suhh

Waves like in the ocean
When it goes, it’ll sail for you
Don’t be looking back
At times when you fall
We’ll always say
I can be who I want

CD 1

No. Song Title Artist
1. 청춘기록 (Opening Title)
Record of Youth (Opening Title)
Janet Suhh
2. Go 승관 (세븐틴)
3. You’re In My Soul 청하
4. 나의 시간은
Every Second
5. 그렇게 넌 내게 빛나
Shine On You
Whee In
6. What If 김재환
Kim Jae Hwan
7. Spotlight 바비
8. Brave Enough 이하이
9. 너로 가득해
Just You
J Rabbit
10. 내 마음이 그렇대
What My Heart Says
11. 넌 그래도 돼
It’s Ok Because It’s You
12. Open Door 자넷서
Janet Suhh
13. Still Dreaming 자넷서
Janet Suhh
14. Rebirth Various Artists

CD 2

No. Song Title Artist
1. 혜준의 방
Hyejun’s Room
Various Artists
2. 비오는 날의 기억 (정하 Theme)
Memory of a Rainy Day (Jeongha Theme)
Various Artists
3. 기분 좋은 발걸음
A Pleasant Step
Various Artists
4. 오래전부터
A Long Time Ago
Various Artists
5. 우린 친구니까
Because We’re Friends
Various Artists
6. 평범 (Original Sound Track) Various Artists
7. 이른 깨달음
Early Realization
Various Artists
8. Grandpa Dancing Various Artists
9. 웃어요
Various Artists
10. 아버지와 아들
Father and Son
Various Artists
11. 난 네가 아니야
I’m Not You
Various Artists
12. 집 앞 골목길
An Alley in front of the house
Various Artists
13. 가족이라는 이름
Various Artists
14. 찌찌뽕 Various Artists
15. 번지점프
Bungee Jump
Various Artists
16. 나 좋아해요?
You Like Me?
Various Artists
17. 함께 걷는 길
The Road We Walk Together
Various Artists
18. 난 너의 팬이야
I’m Your Fan
Various Artists
19. Cheer Up, Youth Various Artists

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Tracks Info ©NaverMusic
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