My Name OST (마이 네임) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[마이 네임 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. My Name 황상준
Hwang Sang Jun ft. Swervy, Jeminn
2. Mediocre Life 황상준
Hwang Sang Jun ft. Pre-holiday
3. Alone 박은지 (Park Eun Ji)
4. Chasing lost memories 이태현 (Lee Tae Hyun)
5. Shadow 이아람 (Lee Aram)
6. Decision 마상우 (Ma Sang Woo)
7. My Name (Acoustic Guitar ver.) 황상준 (Hwang Sang Jun)
8. Confusion 박은지 (Park Eun Ji)
9. Duel 이아람 (Lee Aram)
10. I was on to you 마상우 (Ma Sang Woo)
11. Fighter 마상우 (Ma Sang Woo)
12. In my Mind 이태현 (Lee Tae Hyun)
13. Empty 박은지 (Park Eun Ji)
14. Remembrance 염승재 (Yeom Seung Jae)
15. Force 이아람 (Lee Aram)
16. Nightmare 이아람 (Lee Aram)
17. Lost Control 이태현 (Lee Tae Hyun)
18. Undercover 이태현 (Lee Tae Hyun)
19. Training 박은지 (Park Eun Ji)
20. Port City 황상준 (Hwang Sang Jun)

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