IU (아이유) – 러브레터 (Love Letter) Lyrics

“I sketched (this song) at 26, completed at 28, and gave it to another artist I like, Jung Seung Hwan. I worked with him after appeared on KBS Sketchbook and sang this song last year. It was the first time that another artist had sung my song since I started composing. If Jung Seung-hwan’s version was calm and sophisticated, I wanted to release my version of Love Letter in a more standard way. The arrangement is fairy tale-like and cute, but the song itself was recorded relatively easily. In addition, I tried to act slightly differently for each part of the lyrics for “dao,” which is repeated the most. In the last paragraph, the lyrics “어디보다 그대 안에 나 머물러 있다오” are the sentences that served as the seed of the epilogue, the last track of my 5th full-length album LILAC. It’s also something I want to say to my fans who I’m grateful with, who have known me for a long time, know me, and who wanted to know me more.” — IU ❤

IU 6th Mini Album ‘조각집’ (Pieces)
작사/작곡: 아이유 | 편곡: 홍소진
Lyricist/Composer: IU | Arranger: Hong So Jin


golmokgil meomuthadeon cheot annyeongeul kieokhao
keunarui kkeudeogimeul nan ijeul su eopdao

gilga.e naerin saebyeok keu goyoreul kieokhao
keunarui daseotshireul nan ijeul su eopdao

bandeuthage naerin kidaran soknunsseob arae
mobshido saranghi jeogeodun geulsshideure

ittageum bulleojudeon hyeongpyeon eopneun hwiparame
keu modeun naui jarie na meomulleo itdao

akkideon yeonpillo keuonoheun mitjul arae
uri dul naranhi jeogeodun ireumdeure

mushimhan keokjeongeuro mukkeojudeon shinbalkkeune
keu modeun naui jarie na meomulleo itdao

johahadeon bom noraewa naerineun nunsongiedo
eodiboda keudae ane na meomulleo itdao

na meomulleo itdao keudae ulji mashio


골목길 머뭇하던 첫 안녕을 기억하오
그날의 끄덕임을 난 잊을 수 없다오

길가에 내린 새벽 그 고요를 기억하오
그날의 다섯시를 난 잊을 수 없다오

반듯하게 내린 기다란 속눈썹 아래
몹시도 사랑히 적어둔 글씨들에

이따금 불러주던 형편없는 휘파람에
그 모든 나의 자리에 나 머물러 있다오

아끼던 연필로 그어놓은 밑줄 아래
우리 둘 나란히 적어둔 이름들에

무심한 걱정으로 묶어주던 신발끈에
그 모든 나의 자리에 나 머물러 있다오

좋아하던 봄 노래와 내리는 눈송이에도
어디보다 그대 안에 나 머물러 있다오

나 머물러 있다오 그대 울지 마시오

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean Lyrics by: melOn]
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