The Ever So Classy, Welcome Back BIGBANG

The most anticipated comeback after 4 years of hiatus. Something that I want to cherish? Their comeback posters and image teasers are so simple, it’s just simply — BIGBANG.

4 flowers; 4 colors; 4 seasons; 4 members.

one of a kind, G-Dragon

our ray of sunshine, Taeyang

hello hi Daesung. he looks so slick here.

just T.O.P being TOP

Leader GD shared colorful hairstyle of his on IG

All these years, before YG Entertainment made official announcement about the band’s comeback, the members kinda already “promised” about meeting us in spring season.  Covid-19 did delayed the process, but here we are!

BIGBANG was one of the biggest part in my 20s and this comeback means a lot to me. It’ll be the first without Seungri, and TOP is no longer in YG, a lot has changed. But their music is forever. I’m hoping this gonna be the start of a new chapter in their career and I’m always here, rooting for their success.

the sleepless lady

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