Our Blues OST (우리들의 블루스) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[우리들의 블루스 OST]
| Lyrics |

CD 1

No. Song Title Artist
1. Whisky on the Rock 김연지
Kim Yeon Ji
2. 마지막 너의 인사
The Last
3. 봄 to 러브
For Love
4. With you 지민, 하성운
Jimin, Ha Sung Woon
5. 기억해 줘요
Remember Me
6. Our Blues Title Various Artists
7. Our Sunshine Various Artists
8. Only You Various Artists
9. One Hundred Moon Various Artists
10. A Fish Auction Various Artists
11. Somewhere Various Artists
12. Who am I Various Artists
13. All The Moment 문희원
Moon Hee Won
14. Sunset Various Artists
15. Our Sunshine Romantic Vari Various Artists

CD 2

No. Song Title Artist
1.  내 곁에
By My Side
2. Happy Song 멜로망스
3. STAR 스테이씨
4. Bye Bye 펀치
5. ONCE AGAIN 윈터, 닝닝
6. The Remembering Days Various Artists
7. Mokpo of Old Memory (Our Sunshine Piano Vari) Various Artists
8. Lonely Myself Various Artists
9. The All Day Various Artists
10. Loss of Memory Various Artists
11. Our Sunshine Romantic Vari2 Various Artists
12. Our Hearts Various Artists
13. Our Hometown Jeju Various Artists
14. Innocent in Sonatine Various Artists
15. New Spring Flowers Various Artists

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