Bloody Heart OST (붉은 단심) [Full OST Tracklist Lyrics]

[붉은 단심 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. 아스라이
리오 (RIO)
2. 소망은 별이 되어
Wish Becomes Stars
Kim Yeon Woo
3. It’s Red 아이디얼스 ft. 박다울
ID:Earth ft. Park Da Wool
4. 새벽에 핀 별 하나
A Star in the Dawn
Chung Ha
5. 흘려보낸다
Let It Flow
Lim Sang Hyun
6. 그리워서
Missing You
Han Dong Geun
7. 왕과 나
King & I
Various Artists
8. Bloody Waltz Various Artists
9. Flamme of love Various Artists
10. 명분
Just Cause
Various Artists
11. Bitter Various Artists
12. Red Waltz Various Artists
13. 유정의 노래
A Song of Yujeong
Various Artists
14. 대비의 계략
Queen Dowager’s Ruse
Various Artists
15. 승부수
Winning Move
Various Artists
16. 개전
The Outbreak of War
Various Artists
17. 선택
The Choice
Various Artists
18. 성군을 만들 것입니다
King Maker
Various Artists
19. 월영(月影)
Moon Shadow
Various Artists
20. 붉은 단심
Bloody Heart
Various Artists

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