Adamas OST Full Tracklist Lyrics

[아다마스 OST]
| Lyrics |

No. Song Title Artist
1. Beat of My Heart Elodie Wave
2. NEED YOU! 찰리빈웍스
Charlie Bean Works
3. Darling You 버나드 박
Bernard Park
4. By Your Side 하현상
Ha Hyun Sang
5. All About You KATIE
6. Rain On Me 김조한
Johan Kim
7. ADAMAS ARROW Various Artists
8. UNCONQUERABLE Various Artists
9. HAWOOSIN Various Artists
10. BUTLER KWON Various Artists
11. DEADLY DIAMOND Various Artists
12. SEDUCTION Various Artists
13. THE SECRET Various Artists
14. THE FINAL BATTLE Various Artists
15. HER Various Artists
16. OLDER BROTHER Various Artists
17. CHOI’S MURDER Various Artists
18. TIME BOMB Various Artists

[Compiled by: sleeplessaliana]
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