BSS (부석순) (SEVENTEEN) ft. Peder Elias – 7시에 들어줘 (7PM)

BSS 1st Single Album ‘Second Wind’
Lyricists: WOOZI (SEVENTEEN), BUMZU, Peder Elias | Arrangers: WOOZI (SEVENTEEN), BUMZU, Peder Elias, Hoshi (SEVENTEEN), DK (SEVENTEEN), Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)


allyeojwo neoui oneul
jjippudunghaetdeon achimbuteo
manwone nohchin Bus
Taxi.reul tayaman haesseotdeon
Rush hour
neoui pyojeong algo shipeo

sandeomicheoreom ssahin ilgwa saram gwan.gye
bab meokgo namyeon seureureu nun gamgineun
neoui moseub gunggeum neoui haruga gunggeumhae

jomcheoreom maeumdaero doeji anhneun ildeureul
suhak munjecheoreom pulji mothaedo
uri saiui gongshigi yeogi isseo baro

ilgopshie manna yaksok jangso Hankang
dari ogi jeone neorang na kkok manna
uri gongshik dabi yeogi uri nun ape itjanha

gin gin haru jina uri duri manna
nongdamgeorie jichin harureul hanjan
bami neomu ppalli onda
shigana meomchwora
Be here with me

I’m tryna stay afloat but I’m in deep
Oh I’m so tired I can’t even sleep
Oh and I never prioritize my wants and needs
So it goes, on and on, just like a melody

And I keep saying okay
I never listen to my own heart
I do whatever they say
while looking like you’re happy as hell oh I
I really hope that you feel the same oh I tonight

Come meet me at seven
And stay ‘til eleven
But won’t go to bed then
Cause this feels like heaven
Yeah it’s true tho
Kinda cool so
Let’s just stay right here tonight

At seven in my house
We’ll sing both our lungs out
And dance to the moonlight
Cause everything feels right
Been a long day
But it’s okay
Cause at seven you will be
Be here with me

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Lyric by: melOn]
Please take out with full credit


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