Let’s Learn Korean Language!

: 자전거에서 손 놓으면 안 돼.
F : Please don’t let go of my bicycle.
R : jajeon.geo.eseo son noheumyeon andwae.

: 걱정 마. 그냥 페달 계속 돌리면서 균형만 잡아.
M : Don’t worry. Just keep pedalling and think about your balance.
R : keokjeong ma. keunyang pedal kyesok dollimyeonseo kyun hyeongman jaba.

: 어머! 이 커피 자판기에는 컵이 없네!
F : Oh, my! There aren’t any cups in this coffee vending machine.
R : eomeo! i keopi japan.gi.eneun keobi eopne!

: 관리자한테 전화를 해야겠다.
M : We’d better call the manager.
R : kwanlijahante jeonhwareul haeyagetda.

: 이 바지는 제 아들한테 좀 작네요.
F : These pants are too small for my son.
R : i bajineun je adeulhante jom jak neyo.

: 네, 잠시만 기다려 주십시오. 더 큰 사이즈로 갖다 드리겠습니다.
M : Okay. Just a second, please. I’ll go get a larger size.
R : ne, jamshiman kidaryeojushibsio. deo keun sa.ijeuro katda deurigesseumnida.

: 저기 창문 옆에 빈 자리가 있네요. 가서 앉으세요.
F : There is an empty seat next to the window. Go and sit there.
R : jeogi changmun yeope bin jariga itneyo. kaseo anjeuseyo.

: 괜찮아요. 저는 다음 정류장에서 내려요.
M : That’s okay. I’m getting off at the next stop.
R : kwaenchanayo. jeoneun da.eum jeongryujangeseo naeryeoyo.

: 사이드미러가 부서졌어!
F : The side-view mirror is broken!
R : sa.ideu mireoga buseojyeosseo!

: 누가 우리 차를 치고 도망간 게 분명해!
M : Someone must have hit our car and driven off!
R : nuga uri chareul chigo domanggan ke bunmyeonghae!

: 너 땀 범벅이야. 괜찮아?
F : You’re covered in sweat. Are you okay?
R : neo ttam beombeogiya. kwaenchana?

: 너무 덥다. 나가서 시원한 것 좀 마시자.
M : I feel really hot. Let’s go out and drink something cold.
R : neomu deobda. nagaseo shiwonhan geot jom mashija.

: 저기 봐! 바지에서 연기가 나!
M : Look! There’s smoke coming out of the pants!
R : jeogi bwa! baji.eseo yeon.giga na!

: 어머! 다리미 끄는 걸 깜빡했네!
F : Oh, no! I forgot to turn the iron off!
R : eomeo! darimi kkeuneun geol kkamppakhaetne!

: 이 생머리 가발은 어때? 나한테 잘 어울릴까?
M : What about this wig with straight hair? Do you think it’ll look good on me?
R : i saengmeori gabareun eottae? nahante jal eo.ul rilkka?

: 글쎄… 내 생각에는 곱슬머리 가발이 더 잘 어울릴 것 같은데.
F : Well… I think a wig with curly hair is more suitable for you.
R : keulsse… nae saenggageneun gobseulmeori gabari deo jal eo.ulril keot kateunde.

Photo & conversation : 한국어 교실 (Studying Korean Language, culture & Topik) fb page
Romanized by : Aliana@Everlastingkoreanlover

Happy Birthday Lee Dong Hae! ♥


생일축하해요 동해 오빠 ♥

동해 오빠~ 생일축하해요~ ^^ 진심으로 보고싶어~ 오빠 꼭 건강하고 행복하고 힘내세용! ^^ 매일 매일 사랑해요~ 언제나 오빠 믿는다~ 오빠 홧팅! ^^ 생일축하해~ 😀

Happy Birthday Lee Dong-hae ♥♥♥ I will always be beside you no matter what happen.. Love you forever!♥

Meet & Greet with T-ARA in Malaysia

I am so lucky i can say. Got a pair of free passes for the Meet & Greet session with T-ARA at JW Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday. The girls are sooooo pretty!! I will write more in my fan account later this weekend. (urghh don’t have much time because so busy at work). Here’s some photo from the session i traced through facebook.

We are the lucky fans!! 😀
1 of the group photo with T-ARA 🙂
another photo. bit more closer 🙂