CHUNG HA (청하), Christopher – Bad Boy [Lyrics]

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I’m not trying to be dramatic
But I need someone
who can take a little heat
You wanted thunder Continue reading “CHUNG HA (청하), Christopher – Bad Boy [Lyrics]”

Chung Ha (청하) ft. pH-1 – 여기 적어줘 (My Friend) Lyrics

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“grab onto any paper or tissue you see in front of you and write it down..”

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Lyricists: Zion.T, pH-1, TAEO | Composers: Zion.T, Park Jun Woo (Superstar K 2016), MOON, pH-1 | Arrangers: haventseenyou, Park Jun Woo (Superstar K 2016)


mwo nappeun il isseo waekeurae
amu ildo eopseo isanghane
ne nunbitman bwado da aneun nainde
neon wae pihae Continue reading “Chung Ha (청하) ft. pH-1 – 여기 적어줘 (My Friend) Lyrics”